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13th Lace Anniversary Gifts for Her

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While there are many lace options, and many of them are lingerie, I would rather show you some more unique and equally fun gifts here. Lace roses, lace shawls, and more. Check out these awesome ideas! These gifts are unique and fit the lace theme, which will show her you put in the effort!

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Creative 13th Lace Anniversary Gifts for Her

Handcrafted Cluny Lace Bowtie

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This handcrafted Cluny lace bowtie is perfect for the wife who loves bowties!

Pink Lace Roses with Stems

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Pink lace roses with stems will make a lovely decoration on her nightstand, dresser, or in the living areas of the house.

Teal Green Lace Shawl

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The teal green lace shawl will keep her shoulders warm in style, whenever it is cold or windy.

Lace Wrist Cuff

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If she loves wrist cuffs, she will adore the lace wrist cuff to celebrate your lace anniversary together. It can also do double duty, in covering a wrist tattoo for work, as well.

Beige Victorian Lace Nude Shoes

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These beige Victorian lace nude shoes are lovely choices for the beach or other place that doesn’t require shoes, but when your wife still wants to dress up her feet.

Lace Boot Cuffs

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Keep the tops of her boots dressy for church or other special occasions, with a set of lace boot cuffs.

Champagne Navy Peony Lace Wedding Clutch

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While this champagne navy peony lace wedding clutch may be labeled for wedding use, it is a lovely accessory for church or other dressy occasions as well.

Blue Lace Choker

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If she loves chokers, she will love the thought put behind this blue lace choker necklace.

Blue Lace Leaf Earrings

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These blue lace leaf earrings will add a little flair to the traditional earrings.

Lace Imprint Ceramic Trinket Tray

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While this ceramic trinket tray only has a lace imprint, and isn’t actually lace, it is such a beautiful place for her to put her rings and other jewelry.

Tatting Lace Bow Necklace

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A stunning tatting lace bow necklace for the stunning woman in your life to celebrate your 13th lace wedding anniversary.

Scarf Shawl with Lace Trim

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Another excellent choice for keeping her shoulders warm and protected, even when you are not there, and this one is only lace trim so it might keep her even cozier.

Lace Sachet Luggage Freshener

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Help her keep her luggage fresh with a lace sachet luggage freshener to throw in with a fresh scent on it.

Vintage Lace Print iPhone X Case

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If traditional lace isn’t her thing, a vintage lace print iPhone X case is a nice compromise. Plus, it will keep her phone safer from drops.

Dark Blue Lace Shawl

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If your anniversary is in the winter or even fall, she may need more than one lace shawl to choose from.

Gold Floral Lace Print Boho Tote Bag

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With all of the things she has to carry around, she definitely needs a gold floral lace print boho tote bag to carry them in.

Peach Lace Clutch

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When she wants to travel light, the peach lace clutch will come in handy.

Crochet Lace Choker

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Another choker, but this one is a made from crochet lace.

Black Satin Robe with Lace

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She will feel luxurious in her very own black satin robe with lace on it.

“Boots, lace, and a whole lot of grace” Southern Girl Mug

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If your wife is a southern girl, she is full of boots, lace and a whole lot of grace, especially in her morning cup of coffee.

Lace is such a fun theme for anniversary gifts, this list is only a drop in the bucket!

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