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20 35th Coral/Jade Anniversary Gifts for Him

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Shopping for 35th Coral/Jade Anniversary Gifts For Him has just gotten way easier! The coral and jade gifts for your husband may be hard to find, let alone choose. However, when you have a gift guide as amazing as this one, you don’t have to worry about that. They are right here, at your fingertips.

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Creative 35th Coral/Jade Anniversary Gifts For Him

Give him a present he will remember! Take a look at these gift ideas!

Jade Guitar Pick

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If he plays guitar, this jade guitar pick will make his playing that much more meaningful.

Coral Clam Shell Pin

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He can put this coral clam shell pin is great to put on his briefcase, lapel, or anywhere else he chooses to pin it.

Canadian Nephrite Jade Dice Pair

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For the gamer, whether they are a video gamer or a board gamer, the jade dice pair is great for decor.

Coral and Mint Chevron Print Bow Tie

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This handsome coral and mint chevron print bow tie will look stunning on him when you go out for your 35th wedding anniversary.

Canadian Nephrite Jade Egg

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This jade egg will look stunning on your husband’s desk or in his office. 

Red Coral Men’s Ring

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Manly and eye-catching, this red coral men’s ring is the perfect ring for him.

Jade Letter Opener

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If he needs to open a lot of letters at work or home, then the jade letter opener is a fun and practical gift for your 35th anniversary.

Canadian Nephrite Jade Shamrock Keychain

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Help him keep better track of his keys in style with the shamrock keychain to keep them on.

Tree of Life Necklace with Jade

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With the 35 years, you have been married, the life and family you have built together is significantly represented by the tree of life with a jade necklace.

One Line Coral and Brass Braided Bracelet

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This handsome one line coral and brass alternated braided bracelet will look great on his wrist as you go out on dates together.

Canadian Nephrite Jade Bear with Rhodonite Fish

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Bears are handsome and manly. He can put this jade bear with rhodonite fish in its mouth will be amazing, sitting on his dresser or nightstand to remind him of all the years you have been together.

Coral Scarf

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Keep his neck and shoulders warm with a stunning coral scarf!

Jade Ring

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Just a simple jade ring for him on this momentous occasion.

Coral and Resin Ring

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While this coral and resin ring may not look like the manliest thing ever, it will look super manly and handsome on his finger.

Canadian Nephrite Jade Nugget Bracelet

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Bold and daring, a wonderful jade nugget bracelet for a wonderful man.

Personalized Coral Reef Keychain

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Personalize the coral reef keychain with his initial on the charm as a special gift this year.

Jade Stone Guitar Pick Necklace

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If he doesn’t play music, but loves music and guitars, the jade stone guitar pick necklace is better than the guitar pick on its own.

Rough Red Coral Personalized Cufflinks

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These rough red coral personalized cufflinks will make his day.

Variegated Jade Plant Crassula Argentea Variegata

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You can’t go wrong with something neutral like a variegated jade plant, if there isn’t anything you think he would like on this list.

Wooden Coral Pattern Coasters

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Help him keep his space cleaner and clear from water rings, with these wooden coral pattern coasters.

A coral or jade gift for him might seem hard to find, but it really isn’t. These are all such lovely gifts.

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