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6 Month Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Six months together is nothing to gawk at, and you need just that right gift for them to celebrate the occasion. If you are having a hard time deciding where to start in your shopping endeavors, you have come to the right place. This list is for you!

Perfect 6 Month Anniversary Gift Ideas To Make The Day Special

“I am yours” Keychain

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You are theirs and have been from the very beginning!

“You are my missing piece” Puzzle Piece Wooden Card

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They are the missing piece that you always needed in your life. While this is a card and not a gift, it is fancier because it is made from wood.

“I like you” Burlap Art Print

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You like them, maybe you even love them!

“Love at first swipe” Personalized Can Cozy

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It was love at first swipe for the two of you, and there’s no better way to say that than with a can cozy, right? You can put your names and the date you started dating on it to make it even more special.

Personalized Aluminum Bookmark

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An aluminum bookmark that is personalized with a quote or a note from your heart is a great gift if your significant other is a bookworm.

“You’re my best catch” Keychain

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They are your best catch, let them know with this keychain!

Personalized Photo Dog Tag Necklace

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A photo of the two of you on this dog tag necklace is a memory that you will not soon forget.

“Smile if you fancy me” Coffee Mug

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The best way to get them to smile is sometimes just asking them to smile!

Love Pillow with Initials

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This love pillow with each of your initials is a great piece of decor for their house and an amazing reminder of your love for each other.

“Thank you for picking me” Personalized Guitar Pick Keychain

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They love playing guitar and they “picked” you, there is so much meaning in this keychain!

“Love you” Wood Sign

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A simple “Love you” wood sign is a nice gift for your six month dating anniversary, a simple reminder of your love for each other.

Gold Acorn “I’m nuts about you” Necklace

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Tell them how “nuts” about them you are with this gold acorn necklace!

“You’re my person” Wine Glass with Glitter

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You have been dating for six months and you have chosen each other, they are your person!

“You’re the coffee to my bagel” Mug

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Coffee and bagels go together like you and your significant other!

“Wine me and dine me” Shirt

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The best way to your significant other’s heart is through wining and dining them, because they love that food and wine.

Gold Drop Choker

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Another simple, but amazing gift to give them on your six month dating anniversary is this gold drop choker. It may be simple, but it will remind them of you every time they look at it or touch it.

His and Hers Cobra Knot Hemp Bracelets

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This set of his and hers cobra knot hemp bracelets are something you both can wear to tie you to each other even more.

“It’s cold, let’s cuddle” Shirt

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When it’s cold, your favorite thing to do is cuddle with each other!

“Best boyfriend ever” Coffee Mug

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If he is the best boyfriend ever, he definitely deserves this mug that tells him flat out that he is.

“My prince charming doesn’t ride a white horse, he rides a motorcycle” Tote Bag

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Her prince charming is actually a biker on a motorcycle, making your story even more unique and special.

Happy six months to the two of you! No matter what gift you choose for them, they know that you mean a lot to each other.

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