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20 16th Silver Holloware Modern Anniversary Gifts for Her

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16th Silver Holloware Modern Anniversary Gifts For Her shouldn’t be difficult to shop for. Your 16th wedding anniversary is coming up really soon, and you have no idea what to get for your wife. You might be feeling like, “huh?” However, it doesn’t have to be difficult to find something that represents the silver holloware. 

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16th Silver Holloware Modern Anniversary Gifts For Her

Each of these gift ideas is elegant, beautiful and thoughtful, just like your wife!

Moroccan Silver Plate Handcrafted Silver Serving Tray

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Whether she does a lot of serving or not, this fun Moroccan silver plate handcrafted silver serving tray will make for great serving when she does

LampLust 2 Silver Finished Taper Candle Holders

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These taper candle holders will look great holding candles on the dining table, for family dinners or dinner parties.

DeFaith Silver Dipped Real Rose

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Every woman loves to have a rose for her anniversary, and this one is silver dipped!

Reed & Barton 10-Ounce Silver Plate Mint Julep Cup with Double Banding

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Great for cooking purposes, or whatever else she needs in the kitchen, this simple silver plate mint julep cup with double banding will look great and also be useful.

Nambe Love Bowl Mini

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This Nambe love bowl mini represents love with its heart shape!

Hosley’s 10” High Hammered Vase in Silver

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Your wife can fill this hammered silver vase with the flowers you get her for your anniversary too.

Elegance Silver Rectangular Nickel Plated Serving Tray

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This serving tray may look plain, but you can spice it up a bit by including some kitchen tools along with the gift to represent silver holloware.

Bakers Bling Silver Party Straws

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These might not be actual silver, but these silver party straws will be super fun to drink from around the house or for a party too.

ECOlunchbox Divided Tray

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She can make a more balanced meal to take to work or eat at home with this ECOlunchbox divided tray.

Hand Stamped Vintage Silverplate Cereal Spoons

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These stunning vintage silverplate cereal spoons can be personalized with your own quotes or words for her to eat with at her next meal.

Metal Wall Hangings Decor Climbing Man Sculpture

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If she loves to rock climb, or simply stay fit, the metal wall hangings decor with the climbing man sculpture is a great way to represent that part of her life, which improves the rest of her life.

Elegance Silver Round Gallery Tray

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Rectangle serving trays might not be her thing, but how about a round one? It even has a good sized edge to make serving easier.

Fineline Settings 15-Piece Silver Splendor with Silver Round Bowl

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Great for serving one of the main courses at dinner, this silver splendor with silver round bowl will add flair to the dinner.

Elegance Silver Plated Plates

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You couldn’t go wrong with actual silver plated silver plates to eat off of for your 16th silver holloware modern anniversary.

Urban Trends Metal Tray Silver Set of 3

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With the raised sides, she will be able to carry things without them slipping over the edges, and the design is so elegant!

Kidney Bowl Basin Tray

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If she is in the medical field, this kidney bowl basin tray is a perfect gift to say that you support her career and that you are happy you are celebrating your 16th wedding anniversary.

Elegance Silver Plated Round Cake Stand

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She will love being able to put her cake on display, on this silver plated round cake stand, whether it is for a party or family dinner.

Reed & Barton Sheffield Collection Silver-Coated Cocktail Tray

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The design around the edges, and on the handles, of this cocktail tray will make her feel like royalty.

Elegance Silver Baroque Lasagna Server

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If one of her specialty dinners is lasagna, then this server is a perfect gift for this anniversary.

Silver Serving Tray Round

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This round serving tray doesn’t have a high edge, and is pretty plain, in case she doesn’t like a ton of embellishments.

Your 16th silver holloware modern anniversary is a big one to celebrate, and now you have all kinds of gift ideas for your wife to do so!

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