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20 18th Porcelain Modern Anniversary Gifts for Him

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I can’t wait for you to see these 18th porcelain modern anniversary gifts for him! It may be one of the harder ones to find the right gift for your husband. Well, rest assured, that this list is full of ideas that are just for him!

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Cool 18th Porcelain Modern Anniversary Gifts For Him

Each of these gift ideas is stylish, fun and he is sure to love them. 

Dark Grey Porcelain Espresso Cup

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For the husband who loves espresso, a dark grey porcelain espresso cup is one of the best gifts. He can never have too many espresso cups.

Grumpy Face Toothbrush Holder

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He’s a grump in the morning, so it’s only fitting!

“You’re such a FINEapple” Porcelain Ornament

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He is so fine, like a FINEapple. After all, that’s part of the reason you married him, right?

Moscow Mule Mug

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If Moscow Mule is his drink of choice, he will appreciate these gorgeous copper mugs. 

Origami Porcelain Sculpture Boat

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What a handsome piece of decor for his office or nightstand!

Easter Bunny Wall Plate

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The bunny on the wall plate may remind you of Alice in Wonderland. If he is a fan of the movie, he will love having this plate hung up on the wall at home.

Black Porcelain Mug with Pineapple Pattern and Gold Handle

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This mug has such a unique pattern and also looks luxurious. Since the design is a pineapple pattern, it might even be great to pair with the “fineapple”Christmas ornament up above.

“Let’s travel the world together” Porcelain Ornament

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One of your biggest dreams is to travel the world together!

Personalized Porcelain Unicorn Money Box

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The unicorn might be more on the girly side, but it is a fun gift, and now he can start saving money in his very own unicorn money box.

Anchor Wall Plate

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He is your anchor, through thick and thin!

Deer Coffee Mug

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For the husband who hunts or loves deer, a unique deer mug fits the bill.

“You stole a pizza my heart” Porcelain Ornament

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If the two of you love pizza and he has indeed stolen a pizza your heart, this ornament is both a funny and excellent gift.

Tealight in Slip-Cast Porcelain with Green Celadon Glaze

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Tealights are great for shedding a little light or just as decoration.

Anatomical Heart Wall Plate

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For the husband who is in the medical field, or is drawn to anatomy, an anatomical heart wall plate makes a great gift. Or, hey, it’s also great if you want to gross him out!

The Grumpy Cat Mug

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Your husband is grumpy in the morning, especially before he’s had any coffee, kind of like the grumpy cat on this mug!

“You are my cupcake” Porcelain Ornament

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He is your cupcake, and you are looking forward to many Christmases with him.

Personalized Ring Holder Dish

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As a man, he may not wear many rings, but a personalized ring holder dish to put on his dresser can hold his rings, coins, and much more. 

Gearshift Drawer Knobs

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Guys and their cars! Now he can put these drawer knobs in his office, on his dresser, on the kitchen cabinets if you let him, on the bathroom cabinets, or wherever he would like.

Initial Keepsake Box

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Even your husband needs a place to keep things safe, and this one will have his initial on it.

Red Porcelain Jasper, Black Onyx, Blue Haze, Fire Agate Bead Bracelet

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Imagine how handsome he will look with this porcelain beaded bracelet on his wrist!

As slim pickings as it may have looked initially to you, to pick out a porcelain gift for your husband, doesn’t have to be difficult. There are so many lovely gifts to choose from for your 18th porcelain modern anniversary this year.

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