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20 Beautiful Cards for a Gay Wedding

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So you’ve been invited to a same-sex wedding… Great! But there’s only a couple of different choices (if any) at your local greeting card place… Not so great. I’m sure your gay friends wouldn’t mind 20 copies of the same card but only you can stop yourself from being number 21.

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Try these alternative beautiful cards for a gay wedding instead!

Two Hearts Become One

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This gorgeous handmade card might be a bit pricey but don’t your gay friends deserve a card embellished with genuine swarovski crystals? This card tries to shine as brightly as the grooms on their wedding day.

Personalized Papercut Card

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Be the cut above (get it? Because it’s a cut out?) the rest of the wedding guests with this personalized card. Hopefully the blushing brides share the same favourite colour. When in doubt use the wedding colours, just to be safe.

Read Wood Wedding Card

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Move over paper, this is the new trend in greeting cards! There’s a space for a personalized message on the back or you can pay extra for custom engraving. You can get this one in both Mr/Mr and Mrs/Mrs, too.


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What is more classic than the joining of hands when it comes to marriage. This one is part of a series of similar gay black and white photography cards on Amazon that are perfect for anytime you need to celebrate same-sex romance.

Bless This Marriage


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This elegant handmade card features the silhouettes of the happy couple. You could even say you made it yourself, we won’t tell.


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This card has a sweet drawing of two women holding each other. Simple, cute, and feminine!

Better Husband Wish


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Finding gay wedding cards is hard, what’s even more difficult is looking for something specific. This one beautifully congratulates your son and his new husband. How sweet is that?

Love Wins

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Simply designed and featuring a rainbow, this adorable card is a perfect reminder of the United States marriage equality ruling or any. Love wins is written in a pixelated font for a quirky touch.

Instagram Card

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Celebrate the #beautifulbrides or #handsomegrooms with this Instagram-inspired wedding card. Personalized is fun but doing it with their favourite colour and user names is even more fun. Especially cute for those couples who met on social media!

Mad-Lib Advice

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Fill in the blanks on this printable card with all your sage marital advice. There are options for Groom and Groom or Bride and Bride so you can bestow your wisdom on everyone equally.

Couple Cutouts

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These cute cards have a couple holding hands cut out of the front. You even get to pick the colour of paper that appears behind! Cool!

It’s Your Big Gay Day

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Cute and to the point – you can order this bold card in a variety of colours. Because not everyone takes their wedding day too seriously.

Custom Mrs. And Mrs. Card

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This one is really cute because you can actually customize the hair colours and styles of the brides as well as the robes. You also get to print it at home – no waiting for it to arrive in the mail!

Mr. and Mr. Decoupage

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A simple congratulations for the happy Mrs. It has a handmade look and classic design that you just can find in the stores. Beautiful!

And They Lived Happily Ever After

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This sweet card uses paper to create 3D foxes. Order a set with flowers to top hats to represent the happy couple – so cute!

Madly in Love

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There’s always room for a pun! Despite the Mad Men reference, this card is elegant and retro. A cool card for an even cooler couple of guys.

Mrs. and Mrs.

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Coco Chanel would agree that a little black dress is perfect in any situation – even on a wedding card. This one features two! That’s even more elegant than one, right?

Mr. and Mr.

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This beautiful card tries to be as elegant as the grooms its celebrating. The customization options make it more thoughtful.

I Never Thought This Day Would Happen Legally

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In some places gay marriage is only a recent thing. For those who only just had the opportunity to do it legally recently – this is for them! Finally!

Love is Love

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Any of your LGBT friends can appreciate this one! A great neutral option for those who are a little more gender nonconforming or campaigned for their right to marry. Love is love!

Ordering cards online takes a little more preparation for those of us who tend to buy them last minute on the way to the event (oops) but they’re so worth it. No matter how you congratulate the happy couple they’re going to be thrilled to share their wedding happiness with you!

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