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20 Adoption Day Gifts for Parents (for friends)

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Adoption days are momentous occasions for the parents, the kids, and the rest of the family and friends. It is a big deal. So, when your friends have an upcoming adoption day with their little one, they will love to receive a gift from you. What do you get them for this big day that is meaningful enough? Well, start here:

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Adoption Day Gifts for Parents for Friends

New Parent Poem Wall Art Gift

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This simple, yet beautiful new parent poem shaped like a heart will remind them that they can do this.

“Families don’t have to match” Shirt

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When their children are a different skin color, or hair color, it is important for their new family to remember that they don’t have to match. Family is grown in the heart.

“DNA doesn’t make a family, love does” Picture Frame

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Nothing is truer than this when it comes to adoption, DNA has nothing to do with family even when everyone is related. Love is what makes a family a family. They can even put their adoption day picture in the frame.

Kids Questionnaires for Memorable Answers- A Child’s Memory Booklet

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They can make memories with their kids with this kids questionnaire memory booklet, which is especially handy if they can’t make a baby book for their kiddo.

Precious Moments Figurine: We’re Glad You Came Into Our Lives

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The perfect decoration to add to their bookshelf or table to celebrate this momentous occasion that has officially brought their family together as one unit.

“If you think our hands are full, you should see our hearts” Sign

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Their hands are full with their new addition, but their hearts are even fuller!

“Parenthood requires love, not DNA” Coffee Mug

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Once again, the point is made where DNA is not what makes parents or families, it is love!

“Adoption took time. Love arrived instantly.” Pillowcase

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Adoptions are notorious for taking a long time, but they fell in love with their child from the beginning.

“Adoption is love” Shirt

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Adoption is one of the biggest demonstrations of the love they feel for their child. They will wear this shirt proudly, like a badge of honor.

“Wanted, chosen, cherished, our missing piece, loved, adopted” Sign

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This sign is perfect as a baby adoption gift for the nursery! Every time they look at it, they will be reminded of how wanted and cherished their little baby is.

“Gotcha” Date and Name Keychain

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This day will be forever etched into their mind, but it can also be etched into this gotcha day keychain that is personalized with the date and their child’s name.

“Our first christmas as a family” Ornament

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Even if their adoption day is not close to Christmas, they can keep this to hang up on the tree and will forever be reminded of it each and every Christmas from here on out.

30 Days of Hope for Adoptive Parents by Jennifer Phillips

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Bring hope and happiness into these new adoptive parents’ lives with this 30 Days of Hope for Adoptive Parents book.

Mom and Baby Hand Zippered Tote Diaper Bag

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A beautiful diaper bag with mom and baby hands bringing them both together in unity and love.

“If you want to bring happiness to the whole world, go home and love your family. -Mother Teresa” Tile Decoration

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Their family is the most important thing in their life, and that is exactly the place they go to bring happiness to the whole world, one person at a time.

The Lucky Few: Finding God’s Best in the Most Unlikely Places by Heather Avis

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A lovely story of an adoptive parent and their children for your new adoptive parent friend to read and find inspiration from.

“Officially a ______” Baby Onesie with Date

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Their new baby is now officially sharing their last name and they are so proud!

Heart “Parenthood” Wall Print

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Parenthood is one of the most rewarding roles they will ever had, and they can frame this wall print and hang it up to remind them of this on a daily basis.

“For this child we have prayed” Pillow Cover

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They have been praying long and hard for their child.

“You are my sunshine” Wall Decal

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Perfect quote to put up on their child’s wall in their bedroom, or on the wall in family areas, to keep reminding that child that they light up their life.

Adoption is wonderful. A family is being born. Just like when a baby is born, a family born of adoption deserves gifts to celebrate!

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