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20 Gift Ideas for Adoptive Parents

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There is nothing better than bringing home a new family member. And, for adoptive parents, bringing home a new child may be the end of a long journey to grow their family. This list of gifts will help new parents of different aged adoptive children ease into family life.

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Gift Ideas for Adoptive Parents

Amazon EGift Card

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If you’re not sure what your friends have already purchased in preparation for bringing home their new child, an egift card is a great way to help them better prepare for their adventure into parenthood.

Safety Locks

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Preparing your home for small children is a daunting task. Keep them safe with safety locks.

Outlet Plugs

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Keep tiny hands safe and from harm by using securing your outlets with these outlet plugs

Anti Tip Mounts

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We all saw the heart stopping video of two adorable little boys playing with a dresser that tipped over and landed on one of the children. Fortunately, the little guy is ok! Keep your small children safe by using these mounts to secure furniture that could tip over.

Baby Car Seat

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Before you bring your new baby home pick up a new car seat because you can’t drive around town without it!

Baby Floor Seat

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Your new baby will have so much fun bouncing around in this floor seat while you get things done.

Rocker Swing

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Rock your infant to sleep with this compact rocker.

Rainforest Jumperoo

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If this were adult-sized we would all give it a go. Instead, give your new baby the Jumperoo for bouncing fun.

Prime Membership

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Once children come into your home, time will become a premium. Use your Prime Membership to save money and time.

Diaper Bags

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This is a gorgeous bag to carry all of the new things that you will find yourself carrying when you bring your new baby home.

Cloth Diapers

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Cloth diapers aren’t for the faint of heart, but they do save a ton of money!

Cloth Diaper Sprayer

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So you’ve decided to invest in cloth diapers and save money? Use this sprayer to help you with the messy process of cleaning.

I Love That You’re My Mom Pillow

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Support new moms with this sweet pillow!

Mommy Medicine Wine Glass

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There are just moments when you need a glass of wine. When the kids are asleep.

#MomLife Coloring Book

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This coloring book embraces the humor that is mom life. Use the Mommy Medicine Wine glass while coloring.

#DadLife Coloring Book

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Dads need a break too! This coloring book is a great way to take a break from it all.

Beat the Parents Board Game

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Are you bringing home older children? This is a great game to play with them.

Jenga Classic

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There is nothing better than playing a great (and loud) game of Jenga with your family.


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Playing Monopoly is a great way to create future memories

Sleep and Sound Therapy System

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Raising kids is exhausting. This therapy system will help new parents sleep like a baby.

Becoming a new parent is an overwhelming and exciting time. These gift will ensure that new adoptive parents are well-equipped to care for their new children.

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