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Claudia has worked as an education worker and tutor for children for the last 5 years. She also blogs at Peace n Purpose to help twenty-something women choose a career path they'll love.

Need to get a gift for the gardener in your life? A book is a great choice because there is always more to learn about gardening! You could inspire them with a gorgeous photo book or help them master some advanced gardening techniques. There are also some lovely interactive workbooks that they might love! Whichever …

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Gift Ideas for a Non-Profit President | NGO Staff Gifts | Volunteer Appreciation Program Ideas | Presents for Chair of the Board | Token Thank you gifts

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give to an inspiring non-profit president? You’ll find it in this list of thoughtfully selected gift ideas. Whether you want to get them something to help them relax or to make their office a lovely space, there’s something in this list for that’s right for you. Gift …

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Promotion Gift Ideas for your Best Friend | What to get your best friend for a promotion | Gifts for my Best Friend's New Job | Celebrate a promotion | Ideas to congratulate my best friend for her promotion

Yes! Your best friend has got a promotion! Show her how proud you are with one of these brilliant gifts. They’ve all been thoughtfully selected to be perfect for celebrating your best friend’s promotion! 20 Promotion Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend Photo in a Frame Buy Now Why not buy this gorgeous frame and …

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Excellent Gift Ideas for a Handyman or Woman | What to buy a Handyman | What to get a handywoman | Thank you gifts for odd job labor | Christmas presents for my handyman

Do you need to get a gift for a handyman? The one thing I’ve learned about buying gifts for handymen is never get them tools! Unless they specifically asked you for them, you can guarantee you won’t get them the right ones. So save yourself the disappointment and get him one of these brilliant gifts …

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