20 Gift Ideas for a Handyman They'll Love For Sure!

20 Gift Ideas for a Handyman

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Do you need to gift ideas for a handyman? The one thing I’ve learned about buying gifts for handymen is never get them tools! Unless they specifically asked you for them, you can guarantee you won’t get them the right ones. So save yourself the disappointment and get him one of these brilliant gifts that he will be grateful for instead!

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If he’s handy and you know it… 

Clap your hands!

Gift Ideas for a Handyman

Chocolate Tools

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A fun, small gift that will give him an afternoon energy boost whilst reminding him of his favourite possessions!

Work Boot Socks

This gift ideas for a handyman is because you can never have too many socks!

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Those handyman work boots can get smelly! Hopefully these specially designed work socks will minimise the stink.

Burt Bees Gift Set

This gift ideas for a handyman will help him keep his hands smooth.

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After all that hard work handymen need to learn to pamper themselves. Help him along the way with this cool Burt Bees gift set. We have more gifts for men’s grooming here

Fixologist T-Shirt

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Handymen will be proud to wear this t-shirt to work to the bar, to the shops and anywhere else they go. These handymen love to show off their fixing skills!

Tool-shaped Pens

This gift ideas for a handyman would be a fun one to write his invoices with.

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Again this is a funny little gift that he can use to mark up that wood, write cheques and whatever else handymen use pens for!

Waterproof Car Seat Cover

Spills are bound to happen so this gift ideas for a handyman is perfect.

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Help him to preserve his clean car with this waterproof car seat cover. Whether he’s wet from the rain, covered in dust or a little bit muddy, this cover will stop it from spreading!


This gift ideas for a handyman will keep his coffee hot.

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Help that handyman look after himself with this classic thermos mug. Whether it’s keeping his lunch warm or heating him up with a cup of coffee, it will be useful all winter long.

Thermal Work Pants

This gift ideas for a handyman will keep him warm while working on projects outside.

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These waterproof and insulated work pants will be a dream for any handyman who has to do some work outside. Just make sure that he doesn’t wear the same pair all week! I definitely know one who would do that and unfortunately I live with him.

Echo Dot

This gift ideas for a handyman will let him blast the tunes.

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Echo Dot is such a cool gift for a handyman. They’ll be able turn on their favorite music, find out the weather and whatever other information they need with just their voice. So their hands can stay doing what they do best, fixing stuff!

Swiss Army Knife

A swiss army knife is perfect for gift ideas for a handyman.

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A Swiss Army Knife is a gift that he’ll treasure. You can even get them engraved so they feel really special. A truly handy tool for a handyman!

Ear-warming Hat

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Keep his head cosy with this ear warming baseball cap! Perfect to pop on on a cold winter’s morning. If he’s always cold, we got you covered here for more gift ideas for people who are always cold

Workshop Gloves

His gloves are important so this gift ideas for a handyman is perfect.
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Where would a handyman be without his hands? Just a -yman! That’s no good. Keep him handy with these warm, protecting gloves. Money well spent I say. As a bonus, this pair has conductive finger tips, to make it easy and efficient to use a phone or tablet.

Heavy Duty Phone Case

Gift ideas for a handyman include ones that will keep his phone safe.

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Help that handyman avoid those nasty screen cracks and dust in all the crevices with this heavy-duty phone case. Carrying this around will make him look pretty tough too.

Tool Bag

This gift ideas for a handyman will keep his tools safe when he's out and about.

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So you can’t buy him the tools but I reckon you could buy a bag for his tools. Maybe you could even organize them all in there for him as part of the gift. Bring some order to the place you know?

Beer Can Cooler

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What handyman doesn’t enjoy a nice cold beer after a long day of fixing stuff? Now he can make sure his beer stays cold and refreshing with this state-of-the-art beer can cooler. And if he drinks too many he’ll need a….

Tough Water Bottle

Gift ideas for a handyman cause they need water too!

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This water bottle looks pretty tough and will stand up to a handyman’s busy day. It’ll keep him refreshed! (Essential for those mornings after the night before!)

Rain Defender Sweatshirt

Gift ideas for a handyman include nice jackets.

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This clever hooded sweatshirt keeps handymen looking cool, warm and dry at work. What more could they want?

Magnetic Light

Gift ideas for a handyman include all the lights!

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The handymen I know seem obsessed with these lights. Apparently they’re really bright or something.

A Worker-sized Lunch Box

Gift ideas for a handyman include boxes to keep their lunch safe.

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This lunch box will fit enough food in it to keep a handyman going all day! Easy to pack, grab and go, he’ll never come home hungry again.

Magnetic Wrist Band

Gift ideas for a handyman include ones to pick up the loose metal.

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This gift will basically turn the handyman you know into a superhero. A magnetic wrist is kind of like having a superpower right?

Are you ready to get a handyman a gift that he’ll really be grateful for? They’ll be no returns or disappointment with these fun and useful gifts. If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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