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20 STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for an 8 Year Old Girl

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Do you need to buy a birthday gift for an 8 year old girl? Why not spark her curiosity with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) toy or game? That way you’ll be giving her a lovely gift, developing her STEM skills and showing her that learning can be fun all at the same time! We created this list of STEM birthday gift ideas for an 8 year old girl to help you find the perfect one.

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STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for an 8 Year Old Girl

From STEM kits to construction sets, these toys, games, and activities are the perfect way to get your 8 year old girl loving science, engineer, technology, and math in a whole new way.

K'NEX Education ‒ STEM Explorations: Roller Coaster Building Set – 546 Pieces – Ages 8+ Construction Education Toy

K’NEX Construction Set

This set is part of a fantastic line of STEM based toys for girls. It teaches kids how to design a strong structure by using geometry.

4M Kidzlabs Crystal Mining Kit, DIY Science Kit - Dig for gem Stones, For Boys & Girls Ages 5+

Explore Crystals Science Kit

Girls will love breaking open these natural geodes to reveal the beautiful crystals that lie within. Not only will they get the chance to be a junior geologist, it’ll also teach them about how the minerals are formed!

National Geographic Crystal Growing Kit - Grow 8 Light-Up Crystals, Science Gift for Kids 8-12

Mega Crystal Growing Lab Display

With this kit 8 year old girls will be able to grow their own set of beautiful crystals. It even includes a display stand so that they can use their crystals as a glittering night light!

K’NEX Mighty Makers – World Travels Building Set – 403 Pieces – Ages 7+ Constructional Education Toy

K’NEX Mighty Makers World Travels Building Set

This Mighty Makers set will show girls how to build famous buildings from around the world. As well as learning engineering skills they’ll discover the different continents and become a geography genius!

Scientific Explorer My First Fizzy Foamy Science Kit

Sick Color Chemistry Kit

8 year old girls will love this Sick Color Chemistry Kit. It includes 9 awesome experiments that they can do at home. From writing hidden messages to changing colored liquids, they’ll be amazed!

Educational Insights Sprout & Grow Window Plant Growing Kit, Science Kit for Homeschool & Classrooms, Ages 5+

Sprout and Grow Window

This Sprout and Grow Window is a brilliant gift for any girl who loves nature. She’ll be able to grow her own seeds and see the whole plant develop from its lowest roots to its tallest leaves.

Scientific Explorer Color Mysteries Kit

Color Mysteries Kit

What 8 year old girl wouldn’t want to make a liquid rainbow? With this colorful kit she’ll be able to do just that!

Glitzi Globes Dome Maker and Display Unit

Glitzi Globe Domemaker

This gorgeous kit helps girls to make and design their own snow globes. They’ll develop their creativity skills and get that awesome sense of achievement that comes from making something all by yourself.

Thames & Kosmos Kids First Stepping into Science Toy

Stepping Into Science Toy

A comprehensive science kit that has everything a girl needs to start experimenting. It will introduce her to 5 key areas of science: nature, physics, chemistry, air and water. She’ll be studying for her PhD before you know it!

Scientific Explorer Wacky Weird Weather Kit

Wacky Weather

What’s a meteorologist? That’s a question that won’t need answering once girls get stuck into this wacky weather kit! They’ll create their own wind meter, measure rainfall and even track the weather.

Electric Car Kit

It might not be a Telsa but your 8 year old girl will love designing her very own electric car with this birthday present idea. I love the combination of high tech and low tech materials to create this simple machine.

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Egg Drop Kit

An egg drop challenge is great fun! Girls will have to use their ingenuity and physics knowledge to build a parachute that carries the egg safely down to the ground. The only issue is that this could get a little messy!

4M Kitchen Science Kit - DIY Chemistry Experiment Lab Stem Toys Gift for Kids & Teens, Boys & Girls (3806)

Kitchen Science Kit

Kids will be able to turn their kitchen into a science lab with this clever kit. They’ll learn how to generate electricity with lemons and build a table top volcano. Just make sure the lava is cleared up before it’s dinner-time!

4M Green Creativity Recycled Paper Beads Kit - Arts & Crafts Upcycle Decorative Jewelry Art Gift for Kids & Teens, Boys & Girls Small

Recycled Paper Beads

Worried about waste? This gift will ease your conscience! Girls will learn about recycling and use it create their own beautiful recycled paper creations.

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Experiment Kit, 11 Mind Blowing Science Activities and Experiments (Ages 6+)

Big Bag of Science

It really is big! There are over 70 different science activities in this bag. They all take science and apply it real life situations to really show that it is an exciting and engaging subject to learn.

Miko 3: AI-Powered Smart Robot for Kids | STEAM Learning & Educational Robot | Interactive Robot with Learning apps & Unlimited Games | Birthday Gift for Girls & Boys Aged 5-12| Blue

Miko 3 AI-Powered Smart Robot

Dot is a one-of-a-kind robot. Her super cute appearance hides an awesome tool for inspiring girls to code. They can complete different challenges that will turn Dot into different gadgets including an alarm clock, instrument and even a fortune teller.

Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit

Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit

This lab kit in cute colors will get any girl absorbed in science. She’ll love conducting her own experiments with all of the equipment that this kit includes. From a microscope to test tubes she’ll be sorted!

MindWare Science Academy Lip Balm Lab Kit | Includes 18pcs for DIY Lip Balms to Teach Kids & Teens Cosmetic Chemistry

Lip Balm Lab

This lip balm lap is such a clever way to ease girls into being chemistry lovers! They’ll create their own range of lip balms while learning about the chemistry behind the process.

Project Mc2 Rock Sugar Jewelry

Project Mc2 Rock Sugar Jewelry

We are finishing on a high note here with jewelry that you can eat! Girls will learn how to grow their own rock candy crystals and the science behind it. They can then rock their new jewelry when they’re out and about (and take a bite when they get a bit hungry!)

Astronomy Card Set

Ever look up at the night sky and wonder what’s going on up there? These cards are a great way to study some important phenomenon and constellations at a level that’s perfect for an eight year old.

Are you ready to inspire an 8 year old girl with one of this brilliant STEM birthday gift ideas? You never know, one of these gifts might be what sparks her interest into a new hobby or future career!

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