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Kal is an lgbt, otaku, gamer, nerd, writer, and parent of 5 who hates labels but loves irony. He crafts perfect 280 character rants on Twitter as @KalculatedRisk and complains long-windedly on his blog ElegyForToday.com. He also likes to shop... A lot.

Pokemon Gifts For Adults | Pokemon | Pokemon Gifts | Pokemon Presents | Unique Pokemon Gifts | Unique Pokemon Presents | Creative Pokemon Gifts | Thoughtful Pokemon Gifts | Fun Pokemon Presents | #gifts #giftguide #creative #unique #pokemon

Are you looking for Pokemon gifts for adults? You have stopped at the right place! Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to have to act like a grown up or stop loving Pokémon! These gifts are not too childish and perfect for adult fans of the games or show. Creative Pokemon Gifts …

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Robotics Gifts For Kids | Robots | Gifts That Are Robots | Robotics | Presents For Robot Lover | Gift For Robot Fan | Presents For Robotic Fanatic | Robot Presents | Robot Gifts | #gifts #giftguide #presents #unique #robots

If you are shopping for your child, you have to see these robotics gifts for kids! Have a little robotic engineer in your house? Robots are not just fun toys; they’re a great way to get kids interested in robotics and practice their STEM skills in a fun way. These kid-friendly gifts are perfect ideas …

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Cheap Engagement Present Ideas | Presents For New Couple | Engagement Gifts | Engagement Presents | Unique Engagement Gifts | Creative Engagement Presents | Engagement Gift Ideas | Gifts For Engagement | Gifts For Couple | #gifts #giftguide #presents #unique #engagement

Don’t break the bank with these cheap engagement present ideas. A better name for this is “inexpensive engagement present ideas” because none of these gifts will make you look cheap. Perfect choices for getting a little something for the bride or groom to be to celebrate their new engagement. 20 Unique Cheap Engagement Present Ideas …

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stocking stuffers for photographers | What to put in stocking for a photographer | Photographer Stocking Stuffer Ideas | Unique Stocking Stuffers for Photographer | Creative gifts for stockings for a photographer | #photographer #stockingstuffer #Christmas

Christmas shopping for photographers is one thing but finding gifts small enough to nestle inside their stocking even more challenging. Dont disappoint the photography enthusiast with a lackluster, run of the mill stocking stuffer and make their entire haul Instagram post worthy. Unique Stocking Stuffers for Photographers Camera coffee cozy Buy Now Save the environment by …

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These gifts ideas to celebrate the 60s decade are a cool blast from the past! The swinging sixties was a fantastic decade. Major world events occurred during this time, and it was the childhood era for many baby boomers. With so much still culturally relevant it’s hard to believe it started almost 60 years ago! …

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