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20 Christmas Presents for 19 year old Women

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Are you someone who has a hard time buying gifts for Christmas? There are just so many choices, or not enough, and you can’t find the right one for the people on your list. If you have a nineteen-year-old woman in your life and are finding it challenging to find a gift for them, you have come to the right place. These are all wonderful ideas for her!

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Unique and Delightful Christmas Presents for 19-year-old Women

Values for Young Women Throw Pillow Cover

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This throw pillow cover is covered in words that represents the values of young women. She can put it on her throw pillow in her room or anywhere else she chooses to do so.

“Look at me adulting” Coffee Mug

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She is young and just getting the hang of being an adult, so she is proud when she does a good job of it.

Glitter Eye Makeup Holder

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This glitter eye makeup holder is perfect for her bathroom or vanity to keep her makeup organized and out in front of her.

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship. -Louisa May Alcott” Quote Print

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Remind her to not be afraid of storms because they help her learn how to sail her own “ship.” Storms are learning opportunities for her.

Namaste Water Bottle

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If she loves yoga, then this “Namaste” water bottle is a great gift for her!

Awesome Code Girl Wallet Phone Case

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For the nineteen-year-old woman who loves doing code on the computer or games, this code girl wallet phone case will come in handy for her.

Turquoise and Pink Owl Earrings

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She will love these turquoise and pink owl earrings because they are both cute and stylish!

Relaxing Spa Gift Set

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Every young woman needs a relaxing spa gift set for practicing self-care!

“If I can’t bring my dog, I’m not coming” Sweatshirt

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So many millennials these days are “having” dogs instead of children, so if she can’t bring her dog, there is a big chance that she isn’t coming wherever it is.

“Nevertheless, she persisted” Quote Print

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Remind her to keep persisting, even when things are hard, with this quote print.

“; my story isn’t over” Semicolon Coffee Mug

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If she struggles with suicide or mental illness, such as depression or anxiety, this semicolon coffee mug is a great reminder for her every day that her story isn’t over and she has the power to make powerful decisions from here on out.

Zodiac Sign Constellation Necklace

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Zodiac signs are popular, what they mean for personality and who gets along and who doesn’t. Even if it’s not something you believe in, a necklace of her zodiac sign constellation will be perfect for her this Christmas.

“Powered by caffeine & sarcasm” Shirt

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Every single day, she is powered by caffeine and sarcasm. Anyone who comes into contact with her can recognize it in her.

Butterfly Bath Bomb

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This adorable butterfly bath bomb will make her smile and will make her next bath more fun.

“Whatever” Unicorn Cat Coffee Mug

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The twenty-year-old in your life likes to say “whatever.” The unicorn cat has her back though.

Make a Wish Bracelet

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She can make a wish, put the bracelet on, and keep it on until it falls off on its own. That’s when the magic happens and her wish comes true.

Leather Camera Strap

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If she loves photography, she needs a leather camera strap. It comes in various colors too, so you can pick her favorite!

“Blessed beyond measure” Shirt

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She is blessed beyond measure, but that can be hard to remember in the moment!

Penguin Socks

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These adorable penguin socks are great for this time of year, which makes them an awesome gift for Christmas this year.

“The Lord will fight for you” Bracelet

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Remind her that the Lord will always fight for her and help her through whatever she goes through, with this bracelet.

See, buying a Christmas gift for the twenty-year-old in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. All of these gifts are so much fun!

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