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25 Deadly Danny DeVito Gift Ideas That Aren’t Trash(man)

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Everyone who’s close to me knows that I love Danny DeVito. Not in love with him like some people, but a longtime fan. So naturally I couldn’t turn down the chance to round up some of the best Danny DeVito themed gift ideas that I could find. Some of these are absolutely hilarious (Danny DeCheeto!) and others super cool (autographed The Penguin picture!).

Shockingly enough I haven’t actually watched It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, although it’s definitely on the list. My love of Danny comes from the older stuff – Matilda, Hercules, Batman, Mars Attacks… You get the idea. Anyway, whether you’re an O.G. fan like me or a newcomer to Danny DeVito’s hilarious talents, these gift ideas are perfect additions to your wish list or to give your Danny DeVito loving friends.

Danny DeVito Gift Ideas That Aren't Trash

Danny DeVito Inspired Gifts and Merch for Fans

One thing that I really like about this famous actor is that he almost always portrays characters who can be summed up as “a piece of garbage”. I mean yes, he does become the trash man on It’s Always Sunny, but he’s been doing this for a lot longer. It’s a direct contrast to the way he is in real life too!

Danny Defeeto | HIlarious Realistic Danny D Slippers (Medium, Fits up to a 9.5M/11 W)

Danny DeFeetos Slippers

The perfect cozy foot gift for Danny DeVito fans! These funny slippers are a play on words (Danny DeFeetos) and both funny and practical. Who wouldn’t’ want them on their feet?

Retro Style Shirt with Danny DeVito on it

Retro Style Shirt

These band style shirts are super trendy right now and this one does an amazing job at bringing all the different Danny DeVito characters together.

Danny DeVito Life Size Cutout

Life Sized Danny DeVito Cutout

Who doesn’t want a life sized Danny DeVito cutout in their home? Just keep in mind you’re getting ripped off here since “life sized” in this case is 4 foot 10. On the upside you can tower over Danny DeCardboard whenever you need to feel strong and powerful.

The Many Faces of Danny

Speaking of emotions, this shirt captures them all. Just point to the character that represents you; no words needed.

Danny DeVito Celebrity Parody Devotional Prayer Candle

Devotional Candle

Prayers to Saint DeVito! Give this parody candle for someone who worships Danny DeVito and needs a laugh.

Great Wave of Rum Ham

Ah the rum ham joke. This is a reference to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia that goes extra hard by adding rum ham to this classic painting.

Danny Decheeto Magnet

The perfect magnet doesn’t exis-.

This is just too amazing not to add to your Christmas list right now. How about as a stocking stuffer?

Danny Dorito Keychain

OK I know it’s basically the same joke again but this is also funny and you needed to see it.

Deck The Halls

Danny DeVito Movies

You can get any movie but I’m sharing Deck the Halls because I feel like it’s a criminally underrated Christmas movie.

Danny DeVito characters Collage Mousepad

Collage Mousepad

Can’t decide on just one persona? Get them all on this mousepad! It’s practical too.

Framed The Penguin Autographed Picture

Framed The Penguin Autographed Picture

Some people liked Danny DeVito before it was cool (but he has always been cool) – like when he played The Penguin. This framed picture is both awesome and also signed for a great gift for both Batman fans and Danny fans.

Danny Devito Coloring Book: Relax And Enjoy With High-Quality Coloring Pages And Amazing Coloring Pages For All Fans I Great Gift For Kids And Adults

Coloring Book

Make Danny DeVito your own with this coloring book! Great for relaxing and enjoying your favorite celebrity all at once.

Danny DeVito Photo Print (8 x 10)

Photo Print

This is actually a pretty nice picture of the man! It even comes in two size options. Don’t forget to include a frame so they can display it proudly anywhere they like.

Matilda Quote art print

Matilda Quote

One of the most iconic quotes of all time! This was said by Mr. Wormwood (played by Danny DeVito) to Matilda. He really sold that character – probably because the movie was directed by him too.

DeVito for Governor Patch

DeVito for Governor Patch

Is there a better candidate out there?

Sew Your Own Danny DeVito Doll Kit

Sew Your Own Doll Kit

A gift and craft all in one! This sew your own doll kit is really easy (you just sew and stuff). After they’re done they could color it with markers or fabric paint too.

Stickers 20 Pcs Per Pack Danny Waterproof Devito Aesthetic Vinyl Colorful Laptop Water Bottle Bumper Car Bike Luggage Guitar Skateboard

Sticker Set

So many amazing stickers in this pack! Can you name all the references?

Frank Can Holder

Frank Can Holder

Don’t want cold hands while drinking pop or beer? I gotchu. Well actually, Frank’s got you with this absolutely amazing and essential can holder. It doubles as a decoration when not in use.

Saving Myself for Danny Shirt

Saving Myself for Danny Shirt

Know someone in love with Danny? Get them this t-shirt.

DOTZRLT Danny Actor Devito Socks Casual Crew Socks Funny Gift For Mens Womens Slouch Socks One Size

Danny DeVito’s Face on Socks

We always need new socks but these ones? Omg. So good. Since they’re basically dress socks they’d be perfect for the classy friend in your life.

"Danny DeVito thinks you're doing a great job" motivational coffee mug

Motivational Coffee Mug

This mug says “Danny DeVito thinks you’re doing a great job” and I think that’s beautiful.

Saint DeVito Stained Glass

Saint DeVito Stained Glass

This most extravagant gift on this list, this handmade stained glass picture plays homage to Saint DeVito. Imagine the beauty when it catches the light…

Danny Shrekito Tote

Danny Shrekito Tote

OK last name pun, I promise! So much going on here that I don’t think I can write anything better than what your eyes are looking at right now with this tote.

Danny Devito So Anyway I Started Blasting Funny Morale Patch Morale Patch Tactical Military. 2x3' Hook and Loop Made in The USA Perfect for Your Rucksack, Pack Bag, Molle Gear, Operator hat or Cap!

“So Anyway, I Start Blasting” Patch

Another It’s Always Sunny reference, this one comes from a fake TV segment his character does about gun ownership. Great patch and funny reference for someone who likes guns or not!

Funny Danny DeVito Pillow Sham

Pillow Sham

Last, but certainly not least, the chance to sleep with Danny DeVito every night. Who wouldn’t want that?

This is just the sham so you could also add in a new pillow for a practical gift.

There you go, some iconic Danny DeVito gift ideas for fans of this legendary celebrity. We owe so many great TV and movie moments to the man the least we can do is pay homage to the saint that he is!

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