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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for My Boyfriend

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Personally, I love coming up with stocking stuffer ideas for my boyfriend, but I can see how it can be difficult. Especially if you don’t live together or know each other well. Whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been together for awhile, these gift ideas will help you pick out the perfect little gift for your bf.

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My Boyfriend is Going to Love These Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

Full disclosure on this one for you guys: I’d buy any of these stocking stuffer ideas for my boyfriend. Some of them I even have bought him in Christmases past! I have to say, these ideas have always gone over well. That’s why I just had to share some of these cool finds.

Sneaker Balls

These are great for getting that sweaty boyfriend smell out of all kinds of places. He can put them in his shoes or work boots, or throw one into the gym bag to keep it smelling fresh.

Gaming Socks

If you don’t have a pair of novelty socks what are you even doing with your life. You might not always respect these, but your boyfriend will get a kick out of wearing them anyway.

Digital Tire Pressure Gage

These are so handy, especially if your boyfriend drives an older car that often needs the tires filled. Having accurate (and even) tire pressure will improve his fuel economy and extend the life of his tires.

Blind Boxes

Blind boxes are perfect stocking ideas for my boyfriend, and yours too. There’s so, so many to choose from so you’ll definitely find one he’ll love out there. If you’re stumped, get one from his favourite video game, comic book, anime, or tv show.

Designer T-shirt

If your boyfriend likes designer brands, but won’t splurge on himself, surprise him by adding some clothes or accessories to his stocking. I love t-shirts because they roll up and fit into most stockings easily.

Guitar Picks

If your man is a guitar player like mine, then he’ll definitely appreciate some guitar picks in his stocking. How do they manage to lose them so often, anyway? If you want to be extra cool, splurge on the kind with cool designs like these.

Blister Prevention Cream

If your boyfriend likes to hike then this cream is a serious lifesaver. It also works for chafing which is super nice during the winter months where moisture gets trapped easily.

Beef Jerky

Every guy I’ve ever met loves beef jerky. Why is it so expensive? Anyway, it’s the best stocking stuffer idea for my boyfriend, and your boyfriend too.

Cocktail Kit Travel

This little travel cocktail kit is airline approved and the perfect accessory for your winter getaways together. What a fun way to dress up boring airline drinks!

Nag Note

OK your boyfriend might not love these stocking stuffer ideas, but they’re definitely a hilarious gag gift idea. You can even pre-fill some out with all your favourite nagging!

Folding Beard Comb

I know combs are stocking stuffer ideas for my boyfriend that he’d love, and if yours has a beard or moustache he’d love it too. I like that this one folds up so you can travel with it or he can freshen up at work.

Video Games

Nintendo Switch games are especially stocking stuffer sized, but there’s clever ways to gift games or accessories in any stocking. You could also opt for a gift card to buy the game online.

Men’s Manicure Set

Guys like to feel pampered too! Give your boyfriend some self care items like a manicure set so he can take care of himself better. Bonus: no more looking for the nail clippers!

Mini Desk Golf Game

For boyfriends who want to work on their golf game all year. I know mine would love playing a little game on his office desk to keep the work day a bit more exciting!

Toilet Timer

Sometimes call out culture happens in the way of Christmas gifts. If your boyfriend spends way too long in the bathroom then this is a hilarious gag stocking stuffer idea.

Beard Oil

This is kind of a gift for both of you. Beard oil will help make your boyfriend’s facial hair extra soft, which means softer kisses and no more scratchy beard in bed!

Screwdriver Keychain

This stocking stuffer idea for your boyfriend is kind of fun, but most practical. There’s common screwdrivers on the keychain which means he’ll never be without one in a pinch.

Flavoured Lip Balm

Guys get chapped lips too, but they always want ‘guy’ flavours. Treat him with this 3 pack of tasty smore inspired flavours!

Men’s Body Scrub Soap

Your guy is going to love a body bar like this one; not only does it wash, it also exfoliates the skin. Perfect for some winter dry skin pampering.

Work Socks

If your boyfriend works outside or likes to spend time outdoors wearing winter boots these socks are amazing gift ideas. It’s not something guys usually buy for themselves but once your boyfriend has a pair he won’t be going without them again.

Cord Supervisor

This little guy will keep your boyfriend’s headphone or charging cord from getting tangled all the time. No more tangled messes or worse, asking you to get the knots out.

Card Game

There’s so many card games that come in boxes small enough to fit in a stocking. Personally, I always include a game in my list of stocking stuffer ideas for my boyfriend.

Toilet Tag Game

Another funny stocking stuffer gift idea for your boyfriend this Christmas! You put this book in the bathroom and then each time you visit you fill in a page.. The best part is seeing your boyfriend’s responses to the questions!

Beard Clipper Catcher

Another beard related gift that’s kind of for you. Hopefully this helps catch some of that mess your boyfriend makes shaving!

Phone Stand

Whether you go with something like a pop socket or a separate phone stand, it’s nice to have something to prop your smartphone up when you’re watching YouTube or Netflix. The one advantage of this kind is that it also doubles as an extra grip to hold the phone easier.

Holiday Boxer Shorts

These will really help your boyfriend get into the festive spirit this Christmas! I love underwear as stocking stuffer ideas for my boyfriend, but it’s even better if I can get him a holiday themed pair!

Extra USB Chargers

Get them for his phone, game controllers, or any other devices he needs to use while it’s plugged in. Seriously, having long cords changes your life and they don’t cost much either.

New Wallet

OK I have to admit I actually did buy a wallet as a stocking stuffer gift for my boyfriend last Christmas. Wallets are practical gift ideas and most guys wait until theirs fall apart to replace them.

BigFood Tree Ornament

Guys don’t get enough input in the holiday decorating. If you’re living together, get something that your boyfriend will love to add to your Christmas tree. If he lives alone, you can get something that’s even more ‘him’.

Fashion Socks

If he’s wearing a suit all day then cool socks are pretty much the only way for your boyfriend to put a little flair on his outfit. Use his stocking as an excuse to get him stocked up in some neat designs!

Working Hands Cream

This is one of my go to stocking stuffer ideas for my boyfriend. I love how great this cream works at healing cracked hands! It’s perfect for guys who work with their hands and men who are sensitive to the winter air.

Novelty Gifts

There’s so many funny novelty gifts out there that your boyfriend will love. This talking Trump pen, though, is probably going to be one of them.

Tactical Flashlight

If your boyfriend is like my boyfriend then he’ll love flashlights as stocking stuffer ideas. Especially if it’s a super bright, tactical flashlight.

New Cologne

This is your chance to pick out how your boyfriend smells! Grab a bottle of your favourite scent so he smells great all winter long.


If your boyfriend wears glasses then you could also order a prescription pair for an extra special Christmas surprise. Otherwise look for a cool style or brand that he’ll love. I find my boyfriend wears sunglasses more in the winter than the summer because of the reflection off the snow.

Travel Mug

I love these travel mugs because you can use them for hot or cold drinks. Since it’s Christmas you could put some fancy hot chocolate mix and Baileys in the stocking too.

Electric Shaver

You might need to take it out of the packaging to get it to fit but it’s worth it for this stocking stuffer idea. If your boyfriend is still using a regular razor this will change his life.

Beer Chiling Set

Beer accessories are always a hit as stocking stuffer ideas for my boyfriend. This set keeps your beer chilled while you’re drinking it! No one likes warm beer.

Pokemon Go Watch

This wristband automatically catches Pokemon Go as he walks. It’s a pretty cool gift idea, and fun way to stay active.

Portable Humidor

On their own humidors would make stocking stuffer ideas for my boyfriend, but filled with cigars it just might be the best gift ever. If your boyfriend is similar then treat him with his favourite brand over the holidays.

Date Night Coupon Book

Who doesn’t want some date night inspiration every now and then? This coupon book pre-plans some fun date ideas that your boyfriend will love. I love this set because I find my boyfriend is always planning the dates (and doing things I want to do) so it’s nice to turn it around sometimes.

Dinosaur Magnets

Sometimes it’s fun to get something in your stocking that’s a little bit childish. Fun magnets like these dinosaur ones are a perfect balance of practical gift ideas but also fun childhood memories.

Santa Beer Cozy

You could put a beer inside this cozy for an extra special stocking stuffer idea. Either way it’s going to be your boyfriend’s favourite holiday accessory.

Funny Parking Tickets

It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Now your boyfriend can issue ‘parking tickets’ to all the people he’s angry at during his parking adventures.

Monogrammed Flask

Monogrammed flasks are super classy stocking stuffer ideas for my (your) boyfriend. The size is perfect for stockings and jackets!

Draft Beer Jelly Beans

Will they taste good? Let your boyfriend find out! I think I’m going to be adding this to my list of stocking stuffer ideas for my boyfriend too.

Army Guy Bottle Opener

Every beer drinker needs a good bottle opener in their house. They also need a novelty one that they can show off to the boys when they come ‘round for a cold one.

Game Controller

If you take it out of the wrapper most game controllers will fit inside your boyfriend’s stocking. If he hasn’t upgraded recently, he’s probably wearing out the old one and due for an upgrade.

Shower Steamers

Be ready for cold and flu season this year! Your boyfriend can just throw one of these cubes in the shower for instant sinus relief when he’s stuffed up. 

These will all make great stocking stuffer ideas for my boyfriend, and yours too. I find guys so easy to shop for as long as you keep things fun or get them what they need. Hopefully these gift ideas will inspire you this holiday season too.

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