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Best Gift Ideas for Los Angeles Dodgers Fan

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The Dodgers have become an instant sensation in LA! Celebrate their meteoric rise with these unique Los Angeles Dodgers fan gift ideas! Dodgers fans aren’t afraid to let you know who their favorite team on the pitch is! They’ve got it all, so what should you look for in a Los Angeles Dodgers gift for a truly dedicated fan?

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Our Favorite Los Angeles Dodgers Fan Gift Ideas

The Dodgers are a worldwide phenomenon, so why not check out some of the truly unique finds out there? Luckily I’ve come up with a guide to some of the most exclusive LA Dodgers themed gifts on the market!

LA Dodgers Chef Hat

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You wanted something a little offbeat? Check this one out! This is a handmade LA Dodgers chef hat for the culinarian who’s nuts about the Dodgers.

Dodger Stadium Print

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This is a blueprint style print of the iconic Dodger Stadium. This is the perfect piece of baseball decor for that one special LA Dodgers fan in your life!

Dodgers Tie Clip

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If you’re going for a classy look, this LA Dodgers tie clip is a definite must! Don’t leave your baseball franchise loyalties at the office doors.

LA Dodgers Travel Pillow

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Traveling to see the next Dodgers away game? Surprise your travel companion and fellow fan with this handmade LA Dodgers themed pillow! This is the best of practical and cozy!

Reyn Spooner Men’s Dodgers Hawaiian Shirt

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Ever wondered what to get that one Dodgers fan in your life who has it all? This LA Dodgers branded Hawaiian shirt might just be the greatest gift of all! Tell them to wear it to their next home game to really turn some heads.

Dodgers Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears

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What else do you associate with LA besides the greatest baseball franchise? Disneyland of course! Grab your sweetheart a pair of these adorable Los Angeles Dodgers gift ears for a memorable gift idea!

Los Angeles Dodgers Flag

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Sing it loud and fly it proud with this one of a kind Dodgers themed US flag! Set in the iconic style of Old Glory itself, this flag will cap off the ultimate tailgate party or fan cave!

MLB Dodgers Caddy

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Did you know desks are one of the most underutilized pieces of real estate for fan gear? You know it! Grab one of these Dodgers logo organizers for your desk so everyone knows who the real fan is!

Duck Brand LA Dodgers Tape

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Thought you’ve seen it all? Think again. This is the most useful Dodgers fan gear imaginable! This duct tape will repair just about anything! If you’re crafty, use it to create some Dodger’s inspired crafts.

Dodgers Bow Tie

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This is a handmade original bow tie that’s perfectly suited to making you the most dapper fan out there! Grab one of these for an awesome best man gift! Either way, it makes a great Los Angeles Dodgers themed gift idea!

LA Dodgers Baby Bib

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This is a truly original handmade item so you can outfit that little Dodgers fan in your life! Give them a stylish and practical gift to celebrate gameday properly!

Dodgers Lapel Pin

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Dress like the coaches do! Grab one of these classic style lapel pins to look like a top tier fan on and off the stands.

Dodger Stadium Wood Sign

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This ‘left-field lodge level’ sign is perfect for any baseball fan’s living space! It’s a well crafted and good looking piece of decor that could fit in just about anywhere. Grab one of these for a great Los Angeles Dodgers decor fan gift idea!

Los Angeles Dodgers Neck Tie

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Whether you’re a teacher or a business professional, this tie is the lucky charm you need for game day! Honor the Dodgers all the way to the world series with this eye-catching accessory!

Los Angeles Dodgers Apple iWatch Band

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This is an apple iwatch compatible Dodgers logo silicone wristband! You can sport your love for the LA Dodgers at the gym with this durable and subtle branded wristband. Grab one for your favorite gadget-loving LA Dodgers fan!

LA Dodgers Handmade Coasters

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This coaster set is a great way to upgrade your Dodgers themed home bar! Accessories like these are unique handmade items that have a special type of charm. Grab a set for the perfect Los Angeles Dodgers fan gift idea!

Dugout Mug

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While we’re on the subject of baseball-themed bar gear, this is one mug you don’t want to miss! This is a 12oz baseball mug that’s going to have your friends talking! Pick up a pair of these to make a cool Los Angeles Dodgers themed bar set!

Wooden Baseball Stand

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Every true fan has their own favorite collectible baseball! Give them this ornate and thematic stand to show off their pride and joy. It’s made of three baseball bats and a wooden ring to make an ideal gift for any fan!

If you’re looking for a true home run, these gifts won’t disappoint! Let your favorite Los Angeles Dodgers fan know they’re the star with these gift ideas. Is there any piece of Dodgers gear you’d like to recommend? Thanks for stopping by!

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