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San Diego Padres Fan Gift Ideas

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Padres fans will get their kick out of these awesome San Diego Padres fan gift ideas! Impress your MLB loving friends with these awesome gifts inspired by the franchise from San Diego! MLB just wouldn’t be the same without them, so find some inspiration for gifting some of the most passionate fans in the league!

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These are the Best San Diego Padres Fan Gift Ideas

Funko Bobblehead Figurine

San Diego Padres Fan Gift Ideas funko bobblehead figurine

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This adorable little figurine is the perfect desk ornament for a Padres fan wanting to celebrate the Padres at work or at home!

Padres Gold Club Covers

San Diego Padres Fan Gift Ideas golf club covers

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For the MLB fan who loves to swing golf clubs as much as baseball bats! These covers will keep your driver safe in style.

Padres Socks

San Diego Padres Fan Gift Ideas socks

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These socks will go great with a baseball uniform, or for hitting the batting cages! They’ve got style and practicality all in one!

San Diego Padres Entranceway Mat

San Diego Padres Fan Gift Ideas mat

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This mat comes with the Padres logo in the center, making it an awesome way to greet your guests for gametime!

Padres Beach Shorts

San Diego Padres Fan Gift Ideas shorts

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Surf’s up with the Swinging Friar, and these awesome Padres print board shorts that will keep you looking cool in the sun and surf! Grab these practical and stylish swimming shorts for the fan who loves to hit the beach

San Diego Car Mats

San Diego car mats

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Keep the dirt and dust off of your car floors with these awesome Padres logo mats for your ride! Let all of your passengers know they’re stepping into a Padres fan vehicle!

Padres #4 Myers Figurine

Myers W. #4 Headline Bobble

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This bobblehead commemorates the legendary Myers #4! Set him up on your desk or mantle for the perfect game time companion, and good luck charm!

Padres Pennant Flag

Boat and Golf Cart Flag

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This pennant style flag is perfect for outfitting your room, game space or home office with some MLB, San Diego Padres pride! Gift it to your favorite fan with some more decorations to set them up with a Padres themed fan kit!

New Era Official MLB Padres Hat

baseball hat

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This classic snapback is ideal for displaying your Padres pride on and off the pitch! Wear it to games to complete your fan look, especially if they make the World Series playoffs!

Padres Louisville Backpack


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This backpack is an official MLB Louisville bag that’s designed for carrying baseball bats to and from the pitch or batting cages.

Padres Stadium Jigsaw Puzzle

San Diego Padres Puzzle

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This is an official jigsaw puzzle of the San Diego Padres home stadium! Complete it for your favorite fan and frame it for them or make it a part of an awesome San Diego Padres fan gift basket!

San Diego Laser Cutting Board

laser cutting board

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This cutting board is filled with details, places and culture of San Diego! Celebrate the hometown of your favorite MLB team in the league with this awesome piece of kitchenware!

San Diego Padres Watch 

Padres sports watch

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Stay stylish and fresh with this San Diego Padres watch. Perfect for keeping track of time so you never miss the start of a game! 

Padres Golf Club Bag

golf bag

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This stand-up golf bag will keep all of your clubs in place at the driving range, and make them easy and convenient to carry!

Padres Face Mask

reusable face mask

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These facemasks are fully washable, so you can keep them clean and ready for re-use! They’re custom made, featuring a unique Padres print that’s super eye-catching!

Ozzie Smith Baseball Card

Ozzie Smith baseball card

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This baseball card celebrates one of the most legendary shortstops, Ozzie Smith! Honor his legacy and own a piece of Padres history with this awesome collectible baseball card.

Padres Custom Pot Holders

Padres pot holders

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These are a set of custom handmade Padres potholders that show off some incredibly vintage patterns that would make a great addition to anyone’s MLB kitchen set!

San Diego Stadium T-shirt

San Diego stadium t-shirt

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This San Diego Stadium 1969 Baseball Premium T-shirt would be the perfect addition to any Padres fan! 

Disneyland Padres Snapback

Disneyland Padres hat

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This fan made hat has all of the SoCal love you’d want in a piece of Padres gear! It shows of the Disneyland name logo with an SD in padres style!

San Diego Padres Decals

Padres 3-pack decal stickers

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This decal is perfect for making your car, laptop or coffee tumbler the ultimate piece of fn gear! It depicts the iconic San Diego SD MLB logo, just like the one that appears on player’s gear.

Any one of these pieces of Padres gear are perfect for your collection, or your favorite fan’s! We love helping sports lovers (and lovers of sports lovers) the gifts that inspire their favorite plays, and most memorable sporting moments. Which one of these awesome ideas gave you the inspiration to gift for you favorite Padres fan this year?

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