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These hydroponic self-watering planters are made from recycled bottles. By cutting a bottle in half and flipping the top upside down you can create a unique herb planter that waters itself! Hydroponic self-watering herb gardens are a great gift for plant lovers. You can start your own indoor herb garden and have fresh herbs to …

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Girls that Make Subscription box review | Creative STEM gifts for girls | #birthday #presents for #teen and #tween daughters | Christmas presents that aren't toys | Engaging gifts | Maker girl gifts

We were sent a subscription box from https://www.girlsthatmake.com/ to check out. These subscription boxes are targeted at girls aged 12 and up to support a growing (and necessary) push to encourage girls to be more interested in STEM products. They also really stress that it’s not just for kids, and it’s something we discovered testing …

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What to Buy For Someone Who Loves Spanish Culture | Spanish-Inspired Gifts | Spanish Gifts | Unique Spanish Culture Gifts | Fun Gifts For Someone Who Likes Spanish | Presents to Celebrate Spanish | Spanish Thank You Gifts For Friends | #spanish #giftideas #culture

Hola amigos! Say “Ole!” with these unique gifts inspired by Espana. Check out all these fun Spanish Lover Gifts that would be great for Christmas, birthdays, thank you gifts, and more. Give these gifts for no reason and make someone’s day. I have a ton of gifts below that will make your heart pitter-patter with …

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Gifts for Adults reading Graphic Novels | What to buy for someone who reads Graphic Novels | The best graphic novels | Book list of graphic novels | Birthday Gifts for a fan of Graphic Novels | #Christmas Ideas for a Person Who Likes Graphic Novels | #Christmas #GraphicNovels #Books

Graphic novels weren’t a thing when I was growing up. Comics, the floppies, on those spinning racks were. I devoured one superhero book after another until Marvel played the epic crossovers card one too many time and my preteen budget couldn’t bear it anymore. It wasn’t until college that I returned to the world of …

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Thank You Cards for Stationery Enthusiasts| Thank you gift ideas for fans of stationery | Thank you cards for people who enjoy stationery | Stationery Gifts | Special Thank you gifts for anyone who likes stationery| #stationery #giftidea #papergoods

If you gift thank you cards, is the gift recipient required to send a thank you card for that gift? Does that cause some sort of weird loop in the continuum? Never mind if it does. To someone who strongly believes in sending personal thank you cards, and cherishes paper weight and grains, any cool …

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