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Super Cereal

“I’m super serial guys.” – Al Gore on South Park When I was in high school, my mother was rather afraid that I would choose to live off of cereal when I went to university. Somehow, that never came to pass and fast forward a few years and I can’t drink milk. Cereal loses out …

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Wok This Way

Once upon a time, I *may* have sorta, kinda, burned up my non-stick wok.  I think that’s the only time I’ve ever come close to needing or wanting a kitchen fire extinguisher, as previously suggested.  We were going to repurpose it as a trophy for a street hockey tournament, which never transpired unfortunately.  It would …

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Candy Land

To continue on the theme of pillows, today we present the pillow case.  Looking at a wedding registry for gift ideas, a good way to top up the the plain ol’ pillow case is by also buying the pillow listed right next to it.  Then you can add a tag line, as suggested in this …

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Has anyone ever seen the movie Doubt?  At one point, there is a scene where the whole town is swimming in feathers from pillows, it’s pretty neat.  I would call that the highlight of the film (for me) and do not really recommend watching it. On to more exciting things: There is an international pillow …

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Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

In the forests of the night. – William Blake I have had that stuck in my head since I started thinking about this post. This gift idea comes thanks to my friend Shannon, who said it was the best not-on-registry shower gift she received. The kitchen fire extinguisher. It’s one of those practical things that …

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