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10 MORE Expensive Wedding Gift Ideas

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10 Expensive Wedding Gift Ideas

Weddings are an occasion where the floodgates seem to be unleashed in terms of gift giving. If you really want to go over the top, we’ve curated 10 more expensive wedding gift ideas! 


10 MORE Expensive Wedding Gift Ideas 

Maybe your only child is getting married and you want to bless them with an expensive wedding gift. Perhaps your children have refused any monetary help with the wedding, but you had already put aside savings and still want them to have it in some form.

Or maybe you are just down right awesome!

Here’s ten more expensive wedding gift ideas, to get your wheels churning.

A Car

happy couple buying a car together as a gift

Cars are oh-so-useful and oh-so-expensive.  They also come in a mind-blowing range of prices, from a decade-old used version, to six-figure hot-off-the-line versions.  My next car is going to have a heated steering wheel (I live in winter)… what options would you like?

A House Downpayment

woman holding newly purchased house keys to man

Getting married, putting down roots, and building a home require having a place to hang your hat.  Many people get married at later and later ages, and many possessions, these days.  A sizable contribution to a downpayment would make a very welcome, and very expensive, wedding gift for many.

A Horse

Man riding a horse into a sunny valley with a dog

“Daddy, can I have a pony?” is an oft-repeated refrain, but perhaps now is the time to indulge? Little girls aren’t the only people who like horses, though.  Many a cowboy, gentleman farmer or racer looks forward to owning a horse.

Obviously, such a gift needs to be thoroughly vetted with the couple!

Something from Tiffany’s

A woman holding a shopping bag from Tiffany's store

 Celebrating the fancy and indulgent is a part of weddings, and Tiffany & Co. is at the forefront of indulgent.  They offer a range of stylish and prestigious home décor, bar wear and jewelry, perfect for lavish and memorable wedding gifts.

Hot Tub 

a hot tub as a wedding gift on a patio

 Hot tubs are an addition to a home with lasting benefits.  Especially in the land of winter weather, hot tubs are a sought after, yet expensive, gift idea.

Art Work 

woman looking at a piece of artwork for sale

Yes, home décor is available from every dollar store and Walmart, but original art work exists in a different class.  Work closely in conjunction with the couple, to ensure it is a piece that they truly wish to own.  Original art is a gift that is kept for a lifetime.

Home Theatre System

home theatre system in living room

Many couples spend a lot of time curled up on the couch, watching television together.  Step things up a notch with a quality home theatre system.  You could even opt to include a new television, or theatre seats!

Camping Trailer

couple in front of an RV

Do you have a family tradition of camping, or RVing?  Pass it along by purchasing an RV, camper or tent trailer as a wedding gift.  It will provide many memories and weeks worth of fun.

Quad or Snowmobile

woman standing on a quad in a desert

For kids, it’s all about Big Wheels and of course Power Wheels for getting your thrills. Now that they’re all grown up, adults enjoy toys like quads and snowmobiles. While pricey, they’re a great way to experience the thrill of motorsports! 

Theatre or Sports Season Ticket Subscription

theatre signage

Football, hockey, baseball, theatre, symphony, dance… there are many, many different events that offer season’s tickets, at a variety of price points.  Pick a set that suits the recipients and will give them things to do for an entire year.

Even More Ideas!

Still looking for more? We have ten alternative ideas as well, if these ones didn’t quite suit your fancy.  Click to read Ten Expensive Wedding Gifts.

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