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10 Expensive Wedding Gift Ideas

10 MORE Expensive Wedding Gift Ideas

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Weddings are an occasion where the floodgates seem to be unleashed in terms of gift giving.

Maybe your only child is getting married and you want to bless them with an expensive wedding gift.

Perhaps your children have refused any monetary help with the wedding, but you had already put aside savings and still want them to have it in some form.

Maybe you are just down right awesome.

Here are ten additional expensive wedding gift ideas, to get your wheels churning.

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1. A Car

Expensive Wedding Gifts - A Car

Cars are oh-so-useful and oh-so-expensive. Β They also come in a mind-blowing range of prices, from a decade-old used version, to six-figure hot-off-the-line versions. Β My next car is going to have a heated steering wheel (I live in winter)… what options would you like?

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