Candy Wrapped Cloths

Candy Wrapped Cloths

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These are slightly less delicious than the last post, however they still look cute and scrumptious!

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This is an idea I got from the world wide web, is very affordable and gets lots of oohs and ahhs.  These ones are specifically baby washcloths that I took to a baby shower, however you can extrapolate the idea very easily for dish cloths or facecloths.

For a wedding shower or wedding gift, these would be fantastic in a serving bowl or salad bowl from the registry – imagine a nice big bowl of candy.  I seem to be on a theme here.


  • Appropriate cloths (or baby socks) of your choosing.
  • A bag, basket, bowl or other holder
  • Tulle or Cellophane, plus ribbon

Take your cloths and roll them up like tubes, making some long like tootsie rolls and some into spirals.  To make the spirals, fold your cloth into a triangle, then roll up from the folded edge, so that it gets smaller as you go.  Then twist it up from one end to the other, into a spiral.

This is where it gets a tad trickier – you will probably have to figure out how much cello or tulle you need, cut a few pieces, then re-roll your candies.  It is also a good idea to pre-cut pieces of ribbon, or to have some extra hands.  Let me know if you figure out a way to grow non-obtrusive extra hands, I think a few people *might* be interested!

When you start, figure out which patterns and/or what ratio of straight to round candies you would like to have.  The washcloths that I bought had some with stripe patterns, which looked amazing in the tootsie-roll style.  Another way to dress them up is to spiral some ribbon or a piece of tissue paper down the side, adding more stripes.  Unless you are gifting organic cotton wonder washcloths, this is a very affordable and memorable gift, though it may lead to a tiny bit of frustration while wrapping.

The last time I gave out these treats, they were in a gift bag on top of some bibs, poking out the top and looking very cute.

To make a bigger wedding gift this way, consider purchasing a large serving bowl or platter, then wrapping the facecloths and dishcloths this way.  You could also stack some dishtowels or handtowels in the bottom of the bowl and then just make up the top as “candy.”  Depending on the colours the couple has chosen you could do a “candy apple bowl” by adding some sticks or some of their flatware as sticks.

Rest assured, Etsy will once again come to your rescue if you are not so DIY inclined:

Etsy Seller: KKs Cupcake Creations

[PhotoAlina Zienowicz Ala z]

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