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Gift Guidelines

Gift Guidelines

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– Always, always give a card.  Even if you can’t afford a dime, give a card.  You can make it yourself.  With technology these days you can send birthday cards in the form of an ecard so you have no excuse. Write a nice note, the best cards are the ones with a memory, a heartfelt wish, or a cute story.  Here are tips on how to write an awesome wedding card.

– The #1 Rule: Always give cash or registry items.  The only exceptions are if you have been asked to gift your talents in lieu of a gift, or if you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY know your gift recipients.  Not think you know, or assume you know, but REALLY know they’ll like it.

– Send gifts to the recipient’s home, or another place which is pre designated, such as a parent’s house.  The only gift you should physically take to a wedding is a card with gift cards or cash.

– The gift hierarchy: Cash, Registry Items and Registry Gift Cards, Trinkets, Not on Registry.

– Most people would honestly prefer $15 cash to a $50 gift which they didn’t ask for and don’t like.  In the same way, a heartfelt card with a pancake flipper from the registry will be appreciated because it is truly something they want.

– When in doubt, ask the couple (or someone very close to them).  You may be afraid that you are ruining the surprise, but remember that you are also ruining the “uhhh… why did they think we’d want this?” moment!  Maybe you found an amazing deal on a similar french press – just check with the couple and they may be very happy to let you substitute, or there may be a feature on that 3-in-1 fondue set that really tickles their fancy.


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