Not On Registry Wedding Gifts

Not On Registry

Uhoh.  You’ve clicked Not On Registry.  In order to give a gift that’s off the registry, you must read Gift Giving Guidelines and mentally agree to the following disclaimer:

I, [insert name here], understand that by straying from the wishes of the couple I may cause awkward moments, uncomfortable situations, eye rolls, furtive gift returns and receive false thanks.  I may strain the relationship and risk receiving equally terrible karma gifts in the future.  I also hold Unique Gifter completely not at fault for my decision to gift an unlisted, non cash, gift.

Remember that we are now in high risk territory, so proceed with extreme caution when giving one of these suggestions and know your recipients very, very well.

Bucket List Kit

Bouquet Oil Painting

Card Set


Fire Extinguisher


Honeymoon Gift Basket

New City Info Pack

Newlyweds Reference Book Collection

Photo Hunt Date Night


Recipe Card Box

A Will

Wine Delivery


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