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My first cat was a six-week-old kitten that imprinted on two large dogs as her mother. She was a little bit crazed if truth be told, and I wish I’d prepared myself at least a little bit before bringing home a bedraggled kitten, abandoned and scared, that would grow up to be a loving but …

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Crazy Clocks for Cat Lovers | Cat Lady gift ideas | Birthday presents for my cat | What to buy my cat loving roommate for Christmas | Silly Home decor | Stylish cat accessories | Fun ways to be a cat lady

Cat clocks, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Actually, you 100% need a cat clock (and so does your cat obsessed bestie), so peruse this list for some cat-tastic clocks. There’s a perfect cat clock for everyone, did you think there might not be? Looking for more cat loving gift ideas? Here’s our …

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Gifts for my Fur Baby | What to buy for my Cat's Birthday | Christmas presents for kitties | What to get my cat for Christmas | Gift Ideas for Cats

Cats may be elusive and always seem to want to attack your feet under the covers, but they can be pretty cute when they’re jumping around playing with their favorite toy. Here is a list of ideas for you to get your for your furry friend if he’s getting bored the plain old catnip toys. …

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These gift ideas for veterinary students are so perfect. My cousin is going to love these!

Getting into veterinary school is no easy feat, nor is selecting gift ideas for veterinary students. Vet students eat, live, and breathe veterinary medicine, sacrificing hours of sleep and sanity for sick pets. The additional years of education will be physically and mentally demanding, but ultimately enjoyable and worthwhile. Gift ideas for veterinary students Help …

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  Credit When it comes to birthdays, your pets deserve a gift just as much as friends and family. But if the idea of yet another chew toy has your furry friends yawning with boredom why not give them something a little more unusual? These are x ideas that your pet (and you) are sure …

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