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Gift Ideas for Veterinary Students

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Getting into veterinary school is no easy feat, nor is selecting gift ideas for veterinary students. Vet students eat, live, and breathe veterinary medicine, sacrificing hours of sleep and sanity for sick pets. The additional years of education will be physically and mentally demanding, but ultimately enjoyable and worthwhile.

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Gift Ideas for Veterinary Students

Help get them ready for vet school with the following practical and fun gift ideas.

Pre-Vet Donations Accepted Shirt

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We all know that vet school isn’t cheap! Why not get them a shirt that will make them laugh and maybe a few extra dollars in their pocket from family and friends.

Future Vet Sticker

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A very affordable and fun gift to showcase what they are reaching for. A future vet sticker would be fun to place on a vehicle, window, or even their work desk at home.

Custom Blanket


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Maybe your loved one or friend has an animal that helped give them direction in wanting to become a vet. Create a custom blanket for your vet student, so they can wrap up on those late-night study sessions.

Horses Tote Bag


If your vet student loves horses, let them tote their books and papers around in this creative and fun golden horse tote bag!

Vet Student Tumbler

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Making a difference one paw, hoof, and feather at a time tumbler, is a wonderful gift idea. Great for those who are passionate about animals and working towards making it a career.

These gift ideas for veterinary students are so perfect. My cousin is going to love these!



stethoscope gift ideas for veterinary students

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A stethoscope is an essential piece of equipment for veterinary school. A good quality stethoscope is a worthy investment that will come to good use throughout studies as well as out in the practice. Add the personal touch with custom engraving.

Veterinary Dictionary

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Dictionaries never go out of style and a comprehensive veterinary dictionary is a must-have in vet school. It is arguably the single most important textbook that a vet student will have.

Nurses Pouch

Practical gift ideas for veterinary students - nurses pouch 

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A nursing pouch will keep all the pens, notebooks, scissors, calculators, and other items organized all together in one place. Extremely useful for hospital rotations and work experience placements.

Pen Light

Pen light as a helpful gift idea for vet students 

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Like the stethoscope, the penlight is an essential tool for diagnostics in veterinary medicine. They come in a range of colors and sizes, but the general consensus is that they should be able to fit comfortably in a small pocket.

Lapel Watch

gift ideas for veterinary students - lapel watch 

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Wrist watches can get knocked around by boisterous dogs or are impractical when performing rectal exams on cows. Lapel watches include a second hand for accurate measurements and are available in a variety of colours.

Scrub Cap

Scrub caps make unique gift ideas for veterinary students 

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Students often have to wear a standardized “uniform” set of scrubs while in the training hospital, but a bright colorful pattern on a scrub cap is a great way for them to express their individual personality.

Veterinary Caduceus

gift ideas for veterinary students like a vet caduceus 

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In Greek mythology, the Rod of Asclepius is a symbol of medicine. The modern version for veterinary medicine combines the serpent surrounding the rod with an overlapping ‘V’. A caduceus charm on a necklace or pair of cufflinks will be treasured for years to come.

Travel Mug

Coffee mugs are the best gift ideas for veterinary students

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Vet students are constantly on the go and having a travel mug filled with hot tea or coffee will at times be a lifesaver.

Candy Dispenser

Candy dispenser as a fun and unique gift idea for a vet student

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For students with a sweet-tooth, a candy dispenser filled with their favorite treats (or for the health-conscious, a mixture of nuts and raisins) is a fun, novelty way to provide fuel for those late-night study sessions.

Anatomy Colouring Book

colouring books as fun gift ideas for veterinary students

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Adult coloring books are gaining popularity as a way to unwind and meditate. Educational coloring can help students de-stress while maximizing learning potential.

Novelty Syringe Pens

Funny novelty pens perfect gift ideas for veterinary students

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Doctors have a habit of stealing pens from one another and as if they aren’t around enough needles, novelty syringe pens are a useful and fashionable gift to write with.

Foot Spa

Unique relaxing foot spa for vetrenary students

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After a long day of lectures and laboratory sessions, it will feel great to come home to a relaxing foot spa to massage the worries of the day away.

Hand Moisturiser

Hand moisuriser great and practical gift ideas for veterinary students

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Vet students are constantly washing their hands and should be doing so after every different animal they deal with. This combined with the cleaning chemicals that are floating on the surfaces of a veterinary hospital equals uncomfortably dry skin. Hand moisturizer equals happy hands and a happy student.

Reusable Hand Warmers

Hand warmers make thoughtful gift ideas for veterinary students

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Speaking of hands, reusable hand warmers are perfect for late nights at the hospital in winter, or when students are sent to accompany vets on farm call-outs in the wee hours of the morning.

Pet Breeds Poster

Vets and veterinary students will love this pet breeds poster

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Students need something to decorate their walls with. They also need to know popular dog and cat breeds, which are not often taught in detail at veterinary school but are assumed knowledge. Help them get a head start.

Motivational Post-It Notes

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A simple, yet effective way to brighten anyone’s day. These post-it note quotes will help cheer up any student at times when they are struggling.

Desk Organiser

desk organizers make great gift ideas for veterinary students

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There is nothing worse than sitting down to study and not being able to find your study notes. Help keep things running smoothly with the gift of a stacking desk organizer.

Veterinarian Tote Bag

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You can’t cart ridiculously heavy textbooks back and forth from class without a ridiculously stylish tote bag.

Medical Cookie Cutter Shapes

Medical cookie cutters as gift ideas for veterinary students

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The best way to make friends at veterinary school is with cookies. Cookies shaped like syringes and prescription bottles.

Simon’s Cat

Cat comic gift idea for vet students

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In between all the seriousness that is vet school, it is important to chill out every once in a while with some good humour. Simon’s Cat comics will always deliver on that humour.

More Gifts for Veterinary Students

Nobody likes to give boring gifts, but sometimes, you just don’t know what to get someone. Not only should your gift be something interesting, but you also want the person to be able to use it. A veterinary student in college isn’t going to have money to buy all the things they may need for veterinary school, but through gifts, they can get the things they need and want. If you need gifts for veterinary students, we have the best list you can find!

Gifts for Veterinary Students

We have already given you 20 gift ideas for veterinary students, but now we are going to give you more! These gift ideas are fun, useful, and something any student in college would cherish.

Bandage Scissors

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As a veterinarian, bandage scissors will definitely come in handy. These bandage scissors come in a fun rainbow color so that your vet student will have something just a little bit different.

Suture Practice Kit

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As a vet student, you need lots of practice. This suture kit comes complete with 25 pieces including silicone suture pads and a tool kit.

Veterinary Keychain

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Whether just a student or a vet, they quite literally speak for those without a voice. This keychain says it all and is something any vet student would love.

Veterinary Journal

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It is always a good idea for doctors to journal things they learn as this will help them in their careers. This journal puts it into perspective by saying. “Real doctors treat more than one species.”

Engraved Pen

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As a student, you always need a good pen. This engraved pen has a light and stylus tip making it a multipurpose pen.

Scientific Microscope

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Students will be able to find microscopes in the lab, but what if they want to do some extra research?! This microscope will help a motivated student get even further in their education.

Vet Notebook

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Notebooks come in handy for any college student. If you want to add a little spunk to your gift, this “Look at you getting your veterinary degree and shit” notebook is hilarious and usable.

Sanitizing Wipes

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Even before a student graduates, they will be working closely with animals. Sanitizing wipes come in handy, especially on the days when they really just bagged a turd!

Veterinarian Quick Study Pamphlet

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We all have those days where we totally forgot to study for a quiz. This quick study pamphlet will come in handy on those days that a student totally forgot to study up.

Diagnostic Set

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This diagnostic set will really impress the veterinarians in the student shadows. Having your own stuff is key to showing that you go above and beyond.

Veterinary PDQ Book

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Because vets work with various species, it can be challenging to remember every single detail. This is a quick facts at handbook that will come in handy for the vet student.

Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology Workbook

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Sometimes the books students receive for school don’t always give enough practice. This workbook is a great way for students to get additional practice and really learn their skills.

Emergency Critical Care Manual

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Emergencies happen even while a student is learning. It is always a good idea for a student to know what to do when faced with an emergency. This book will help.

Veterinary Drug Handbook

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Animals will need medication just as humans do. This drug handbook will make it easy for vet students to look up medications when asked questions about drugs.

The Business Side Book

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Although the student is going to school to treat animals, there will still be lots of paperwork and business type stuff they will need to do. This book will help give aspiring vets an understanding of what to expect.

Portable Ultrasound Scanner

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Many mammals get pregnant which means a vet will have to do an ultrasound. A portable ultrasound scanner is great for aspiring vets who will be traveling to farms and working with cows, horses, or other big animals.

Needle Holders

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It can be tricky stitching a pet up. These needle holders will come in handy for aspiring vets who want to do surgeries.

Checklist Labels

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Sometimes an animal is just coming in for a checkup. These checklist labels help ensure that the student remembers to check everything they are supposed to check when doing a checkup.

Dental Forceps

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A vet doesn’t just look at animals physical health; they also check the animal’s oral health as well. Sometimes a tooth just needs to come out. These forceps will come in handy.

Plastic Film Gloves

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Vets have to stick their hands and arms in some icky places. As a student shadowing another vet, the vet may think its funny to ask the student to do it without gloves. Go ahead and prepare them.

Instruments Kit

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If you really want to prepare a student before they graduate, get them a complete instrument kit. This kit comes with 152 pieces that students will need to know upon graduation.

Pet Treats

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Treats can be a lifesaver to a vet. And, treats will be a lifesaver to a student who isn’t quite sure what to do it. This pack of pet treats can be given to both cats and dogs.


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Even in veterinarian school, scrubs come in handy. They are easy to throw on, easy to clean, and something they will need when doing their shadowing studies.


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Any student in college is going to be living on coffee. So, give them a thermo so they don’t have to keep stopping to make more coffee.


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A computer or Chromebook comes in handy for any college student. From studying to writing college essays, vet students are going to need a Chromebook.


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Another great option for a college student is a tablet with a keyboard. This way, they can easily carry around their tablet, but can attach the keyboard when they need to do typing.


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Most schools will give college students a planner, but some don’t. Plus, students in the vet field will need to have a planner for their training at an actual vet clinic.

Voice Recorder

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Let’s face it; lectures are boring and sometimes we don’t catch everything the professor said. Voice recorders are a great tool for any college student to record lectures to listen to later.


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These future veterinarian pajamas are super cute. Plus, college kids love pajamas because that’s about the only thing they wear to class.

Did you enjoy this big list of gifts for veterinarian students? Share with us in the comments what you thought.

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