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20 Crazy Clocks for Cat Lovers

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Cat clocks, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Actually, you 100% need a cat clock (and so does your cat obsessed bestie), so peruse this list for some cat-tastic clocks. There’s a perfect cat clock for everyone, did you think there might not be?

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Crazy Clocks for Cat Lovers

Classic Black Cat Clock

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We have to start with the standard classic, the black cat clock. With a moving tail and eyes, this is the purrrrfect gift!

Fishbowl Cat Clock

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What’s cuter than a cat playing with live fish? A fake cat playing with fake fish – on a clock! Save the fish with this cute clock.

Wire Tabletop Cat Clock

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This kitty fits on any desk or mantel previously bereft of cat love. It’s so a-meow-zing!

Meowing Cat Wall Clock

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That’s right, this clock meows every hour. With 12 labeled breeds at every hour on the clock, you’ll never run out of cat-spiration.

Peep Cat Clock

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For a more modern look, try this sophisticated clock. Watch out for the peeping cat!

Wall Climbing Cat Clock

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This clock gives the lovely illusion that a cat is climbing your wall. Place it next to your curtains for added realism.

I Heart Cats Clock

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For the cat lover who is truly unashamed. This clock features 7 cats, which is heading into crazy cat lady territory, but cute nonetheless.

Pink Felix the Cat Clock

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This clock helps fund breast cancer research and is cute as a button. The moving eyes and tail are sure to please any fan of Felix.

Cat with Fish Pendulum Clock

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This feline cutie has already caught her dinner. She has crazy eyes and a tail that moves, what more could you want?

Orange Cat Face Clock

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Do you enjoy being stared at continuously by a judgy cat? Then this is the clock for you! Look into his piercing eyes and be grateful that cats let us take care of them.

Cat in the Hat Clock

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Although he can’t tip his hat, this clock can smile at you all day. When you’re stuck in the house on a rainy day, this clock will take away your dismay!

El Gato Cat Clock

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This macabre cat still manages to be cute, and his heart functions as a pendulum. Dia de los muertos? More like dia de los meow-tos!

Coo Cat Clock

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Have you ever wanted a cuckoo cat clock? Of course you have! This clock house a cat named “Tommy Tango” who meows every hour.

Chat Noir Clock

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Oh la la, this clock is magnifique! For your faux Frenchie feline lover friend.

Mercat Clock

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Mercats are special breed of cat mixed with a mermaid, and should be revered. Celebrate the mercat in your life with this clock, along with the star pendulum.

Recylcled Cat Clock

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This clock is recycled, fairtrade, and was raised on a free range farm. Okay, so the last bit was an exaggeration, but this clock is as eco-friendly as it comes, while still remaining cute and cats-y.

Black and White Cat Clock

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This surprised kitty comes with a fish on a pendulum. Feline-tastic!

Cat Folk Art Clock

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I call this clock the cat in a bowl clock, because nothing’s cuter than a cat in a bowl! The perfect clock for a cat AND art lover.

Wooden Cat Clock

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It’s true that time spent with a cat is certainly not wasted – and this clock proclaims that message. This hand cut clock is a rustic and charming gift!

Four Cats Wall Clock

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Rounding out the list is this classy square wall clock. Obviously this is for a cat lover of a certain pedigree.

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