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Gifts for the First Time Cat Owner

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My first cat was a six-week-old kitten that imprinted on two large dogs as her mother. She was a little bit crazed if truth be told, and I wish I’d prepared myself at least a little bit before bringing home a bedraggled kitten, abandoned and scared, that would grow up to be a loving but slightly crazy and fierce bird huntress. These gifts for the first time cat owner would have definitely helped. 

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It all turned out ok but we still pass along our experiences to spare other new owners the pain of being broken in by their new kitty friend.

Gifts Ideas for Someone Who Just Got a Cat

Cat Petting Guide Tee

An essential guide for new cat owners lest you venture into the Certain Death Zone. Though I lived to tell the tale, it wasn’t pretty.

Best Gifts for the First Time Cat Owner – Cat Cave

Every cat owner is going to need a place for their new family member to sleep. Making the cat feel at home is essential in making the process a smooth transition. 

Blue and light blue book called Cat Owners manual with a drawing of an orange cat on it.

The Cat Owner’s Manual

This manual would have helped a whole lot in those pre-internet days.

Cat Bowls

Every kitty needs their own special bowls, better to pick out a set before the kitten decides that the best china is the only thing they’ll drink out of.

Close up of cat nail clippers with yellow handles.

Nail Clippers

Clipping cat nails is actually far easier than it seems but you might need a second person to hold them still for the first few times.

Litter odor control pail with scooper on the side.

Litter Odor Control Pail

No one wants to have to smell that smell every single time they walk into the bathroom! Save yourselves.

Close up of cats feet on a grey litter trap mat.

Litter Trap Mat

Cats will scatter some litter when they first step out of their litter box, give them some runway to do their thing and make it easier for yourself to clean.

Gifts for the First Time Cat Owner - Black and white litter scooper.

Litter Scooper

You absolutely, definitely, positively want to use a dedicated scoop for THIS job.

Enclosed litter box that's grey and tan.

Litter Box

One of the better litter boxes out there, the new cat will enjoy using this box. Which is good because that means they’re not using your rug, or your shoes.

Box of clump & seal clumping cat litter.

Clump & Seal Clumping Litter

Like diapers for newborns, the gift of a good litter is always appreciated and eventually gets used.

Couch Corner Cat Scratching Post

Making virtue out of necessity, you can protect your couches while giving kitty an acceptable surface on which to sharpen those claws.

Bag that's purple and tan colored called Feline Greenies. Dental cat treats.

Dental Cat Treats

Dental treats are good for their teeth and good for their morale. For some cats, these are great as a training treat, too!

Grey cat wearing a black harness attached to a leash.

Cat Harness

For adventurous type who want to train their cats to walk on leash, or take them outside safely, this snug harness should keep them comfortably safe.

Cat Tree and Scratching Post

From their perch high above, a cat can survey their realm with the proper catly disdain for all the lower life.

Orange tower of trackers with six different colored balls.

Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Keep that cat on the move with this tower set – they’ll work off some angst here instead of on your legs.

Two black and blue grooming gloves.

Grooming Gloves

Some cats are absolutely amazing at keeping themselves groomed. Then there are the other long-haired cats who look like bramble bushes with legs. Save them from themselves.

Bag of temptations cat treats, chicken flavor.

Classic Treats for Cats

A favorite treat among many cat friends, we always keep some of these on hand when we go visiting. We’re not above bribing cats to like us!

ten colorful springs cat toys.

Colorful Springs Cat Toy

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an exceptionally springy cat toy! Active cats will enjoy chasing these springs around the house.

Mini Santa Hat

Some very special cats actually enjoy wearing a hat for photo ops. If yours is one of them, don’t deprive the world of those pictures.

Portrait Necklace

This is a sweet gift for a new owner – they call it a memorial gift but I say it’s better to carry them near your heart from the beginning, not after they’ve left you.

Pet Carrier

Whether just going to the vet around the corner, or flying across the country, cats prefer to travel in style, safe from prying eyes and possibly dog noses in their own carrier.

First-time cat owners are not the only people that like getting gifts for their family members. Check out our other gift ideas for cat lovers below:

Big or little, young or old, there’s something for every cat that might be adopted or rescued. Be sure to congratulate the new owner with a little something to welcome their cat to the family with one of these gifts for the first time cat owner!

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