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Want to show your dog walker how much you appreciate them? Try one of these gifts! | Christmas Presents for Dog Walkers | Thank You Gift Ideas for Dog Walker | Dog Walking Thank You Ideas | Gifts for Dog Walkers

It’s always nice to thank the person taking care of your dog while you are away from them. Dogs are a part of the family and asking someone to take on the responsibility can be big for both dog parents and your furry friend. Find the perfect way to thank that special someone for being …

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Dog Walker Thank Yous | Thank You Gifts for Dog Sitters | Christmas Gift Ideas | Presents for Dog Walker

Your dog walker walks your dog, day in and day out, whenever you need them. For the love and support they provide you, why not give them a nice little gift? It is a great way to show how much you appreciate what they do for you and your dog!   Chicken Soup for the …

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Thank You Gifts for Pet Sitters | Pet Sitting | Thank Yous | Appreciation | Dog Walker | Dog Walking | Christmas Presents

Our pet sitters take care of our furry babies, and sometimes that work isn’t easy! Why not buy them a thank you gift once in a while to show our appreciation? Here are some thank you gifts for pet sitters that could be some ideas for the animal lover who takes care of your pets. …

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What is canicross? Running with your dog! Here's a list of 20 things every canicross runner needs. They make excellent birthday and Christmas gifts!

Canicross is the sport of running with your dog pulling in front of you with a bungee cord.  It originated during off-season training for sled dogs, but is becoming an increasingly popular stand-alone activity for owners and dogs of a variety of breeds and sizes.  Do you know a canicross runner or someone who may …

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20 Best Gifts for a Skijorer

Skijoring is the winter sport of cross-country skiing with a dog (sometimes a horse or a motorised vehicle is used) pulling the skier forward for additional power.  It’s a fun way to provide exercise for man and dog.  This list of great gifts for skijorers with both useful and knick-knack items has something for everybody. …

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