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20 Thank You Gift Ideas for Your Dog Walker

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Your dog walker walks your dog, day in and day out, whenever you need them. For the love and support they provide you, why not give them a nice little gift? It is a great way to show how much you appreciate what they do for you and your dog!

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Thank You Gift Ideas for Your Dog Walker

Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul

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The Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul is a compilation of stories about dogs and their owners. It is full of cute anecdotes and lovely stories that your dog walker would love!

Heart with Dog Pawprint Car Magnet

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Any dog walker would love to have this dog pawprint car magnet to place on their car, and show their love of dogs proudly!

10 Blank Notecards featuring Artist-rendered Painted Dogs

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These notecards are a lovely thing to have around the house to write thank you notes to your dog walker, or to give them the whole set to use for their own notes. Handwritten cards may be getting a little rarer these days, but that makes them all the more appreciated!

“Crazy Dog Lady” Tote Bag

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Tote bags are so useful for anyone who needs to carry things around with them. Your dog walker could use this for their personal belongings or when they are caring for dogs, by placing water bowls, bottles of water, and whatever else they need for dog walking!

Dog Paw Keychain

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Keychains are a small little token showing your appreciation and this dog paw keychain is perfect. Everyone needs somewhere to clip their keys and this is such a nice idea for your dog walker.

Stick With Me- Dog Painting

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The dog painting has two dogs together, carrying a stick in their mouths. Perfect for your dog walker who has to juggle two or more dogs at once and a beautiful piece for them to hang on their wall!

“You had me at Woof” quote wall print

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Wall art is all the rage and this quote is perfect for any dog lover!

“Dog hair, don’t care” shirt

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It’s true, when you deal with dogs, you end up with dog hair all over your clothes. This shirt is perfect for those who work with dogs all the time. They surely have dog hair on their clothes too!

Dog Tumbler Cups- Poodle, Pomeranian, or Yorkie

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There are three options of these dog tumbler cups: a poodle, a pomeranian, or a yorkie. When walking dogs every day, one needs to stay hydrated!

Dog Charm Bracelet

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Charm bracelets are a nice little accessory for your dog walker, and this one comes with four charms on it: “You had me at wolf” heart, dog paw print, a bone, and a “Love my dog” heart. It would be such a special gift for your dog walker who has a dog of their own!

Dog pawprint and heart locket necklace

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This locket necklace has a bone, dog, and bone floating around in the locket. It’s such a delightful gift!

“Crazy Dog Lady” Hooded Sweatshirt

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Everyone needs a nice cozy sweatshirt to wear in the colder weather, and this one is perfect for your dog walker!

Dog Print Heart-shaped Trinket Dish

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A trinket dish is useful for rings and other jewelry, little candies, and much more. This would be a lovely gift for your dog walker to be able to set their small trinkets in!

Dog Lover Coffee Mug

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Coffee mugs can be used for coffee, hot cocoa, and tea. If your dog walker enjoys any of those beverages, then this “Dog Lover” mug is great for them!

Great Dane Dog Statue Decor

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Decorations for your dog walker to put in their home are such a nice idea! This Great Dane dog statue is perfect for their shelf or entertainment center!

Dog Lover’s Devotional Journal

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This is a sweet devotional journal for your dog walker. They can read adorable stories about dogs as well as write their own stories in the journal section!

Dog Print Sketch Scarf

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Such a nice little scarf for the dog walker in your life, to add style and personality to their wardrobe!

Dog Wisdom Journal

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The Dog Wisdom Journal is a great place for your dog walker to be able to write about their life or funny dog antics they encounter in their job. Dogs are always up to something funny!

Dog Print Umbrella

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Does it rain a lot where you live? A dog print umbrella might be just the right gift for your dog walker. They can stay a bit dryer in the rain, walking the dog or going about other everyday activities!

Dog Footprint Slippers

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Everyone loves slippers to walk around their house, keeping their feet warm. This pair has dog paw prints all over it!

Your dog walker is sure to appreciate a thoughtful gift from you and these gifts are a wonderful place to start! Some are so simple, yet show how thankful you are for their help and services!

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