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Do you have a video game enthusiast in your life? Do you think they need to spend a little less time in front of a gaming screen? Check out these board games to gift them with that may be more their speed than the traditional games! Board Game Gift Ideas for Gamers Monopoly Street Fighter …

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Cosplay Accessories that would make amazing gifts | Comicon inspiration | Anime lovers | Gifts for Geeks | Birthday Presents for Cosplayers | Christmas gift ideas for cosplay people

Cosplay accessories are gaining popularity as everyday accessories and most of the gifts on this list fit that list. So don’t just get them something, get them a cosplay something. Harry Potter Accessories   Buy Now Grab their favourite house and watch the sheer delight as they open up this 3 piece gift set. Harry …

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Gift Ideas for DIY Cosplay | Cosplays | Cosplayer Gifts | Birthday Gifts | Comicon | Creative Costumes | Anniversary Gifts | Nerdy Gift Ideas

Cosplay is more than just dressing up in costume: there is often hundreds of dollars, hours of work, or both that goes into making a great costume. If you know someone who loves to create DIY cosplays these tools and products will be a huge hit, and help, for their next costume. Dual Temperature Heat …

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20 Best Star Wars Gift Ideas for 2017

Buying gifts is always easier when you know what the person is interested in. It’s even easier when you know what the person has. Chances are they don’t need a second blu-ray set of the series they already bought the limited edition set for. So here’s some Star Wars themed gifts they probably don’t already …

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Cosplay Tips | Cosplay Costumes | Halloween Costumes | Geek Gifts | Gift Ideas for Girlfriend | Birthday Gift | Christmas Presents | Anime

You must have done something right to land a girlfriend who loves cosplay. Hopefully this opens up a whole new world of couple’s cosplays for you guys. Treat your cosplay loving girlfriend to a special gift for her birthday or anniversary, or just for fun before a con! School Uniform Cosplay This is one of …

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