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20 Cosplay Accessories That Would Make Amazing Gifts

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Cosplay accessories are gaining popularity as everyday accessories and most of the gifts on this list fit that list. So don’t just get them something, get them a cosplay something.

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Harry Potter Accessories

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Grab their favourite house and watch the sheer delight as they open up this 3 piece gift set. Harry Potter is always in style.

Steven Universe Shirt

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Steven’s iconic shirt design is simple and “normal” enough to be added to their regular wardrobe. So, even if they’re not planning to cosplay the youngest Crystal Gem, they’ll still love this gift.

Angel Wings

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If the person you’re shopping for loves cosplaying any kind of divine characters this is a perfect gift idea. You can never have too many sets of wings.

Pokemon Hats

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Who doesn’t want Ash Ketchum’s iconic hat? Well this set has 3 different Pokémon designs. Great for Pokémon cosplays or just as an everyday hat!


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Fans will adore this cosplay replica Ocarina from the Legend of Zelda. It doesn’t matter if they plan to cosplay as Link or not it makes a great display or collector’s item.

Jayne Hat

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A perfectly normal winter hat, right? Not to Firefly fans!

Mario and Luigi Hats

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Have you ever seen a more perfect couple’s gift in your life?

Mana and Health Potions

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Everyone who’s (cosplaying) in a fantasy world needs a couple of potions, just in case. Grab them this paid and they’ll be ready for the next convention or have a great display item.

Steampunk Goggles

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Steampunk costumes are a lot of fun to put together. Get them started with a pair of googles, or they can just wear them and look awesome.

Attack on Titan Jacket

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Straight from the show, these jackets will show off whatever group’s logo your recipient prefers. The added bonus is they are perfect as a light coat for spring or summer.

Elf Ears

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Way too many characters have pointy ears. Now they can too!

Kunai Set

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These little throwing knives would work in a lot of Japanese cosplays. They’re also a guaranteed hit for Naruto fans.


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Vegeta’s iconic shirt is a definite must have for Dragon Ball Z fans. It would also be pretty cool to wear in public if you were brave enough.

Evangelion Hat

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Grab them a replica of Asuka’s hat from the new Evangelion movies. Super cute!

Sonic Hat

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Ok, so maybe this one is a bit of a joke, but who wouldn’t love a Sonic hat?

Diamond Dogs Hat

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We’re Diamond Dogs now, or at least they are. It’s a great everyday hat that they can wear to represent their favourite NGO.

Star Trek Shirt

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Classic cosplay accessory! Grab a shirt in their favourite colour and they can pretend to be on board the Starship Enterprise.


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Pokeballs are always fun cosplay accessories. Great as part of the costume or just as something to have for fun.


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Kingdom Hearts fans are going to go crazy for this replica keyblade.

Free! Cosplay Jacket

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They can join their favorite anime swim team with this cosplay jacket. Why not wear it outside too?

It’s totally cool to wear cosplay accessories out in public every day, stop telling me how to live my life!

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