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20 Gift Ideas the DIY Cosplayer will Absolutely Love

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Cosplay is more than just dressing up in costume: there is often hundreds of dollars, hours of work, or both that goes into making a great costume. If you know someone who loves to create DIY cosplays these tools and products will be a huge hit, and help, for their next costume.

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Gift Ideas the DIY Cosplayer will Absolutely Love

Dual Temperature Heat Gun

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Heat guns have a variety of uses in cosplay that most people don’t consider. It can heat up plastics, making them easy to bend and shape, melting things together, or even stripping paint.

High Temperature Glue Gun

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Glue guns solve basically solve everything when it comes to cosplay. It glues anything together, but most notably foam which is used to craft weapons and other props. Plus you can fill gaps, reinforce joints, or add texture with the glue.

Sewing Machine

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If they don’t already have one surprising the DIY cosplayer with their very own sew machine can make you a gift hero.

Woodburning Kit

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This can help them create fantastic details on their wooden props. It can also work for soldering and the heat knife is great for cutting through foam.

Spray Paint

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Cosplayers go through a lot of spray paint when crafting cardboard or plastic props, especially weapons and armour. This little can of paint can magically transform recyclables to blacksmithed metals.

Acrylic Paint Set

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DIY cosplayers have a lot of painting to do. Having all the colours they need on hand can really make the job go more smoothly and turn out better. No last minute trips to the store.

Masking Tape

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Another one for prop making, masking tape works great because it can be written on and painted over.

Hobby Knife Set

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With a million and one uses when creating a cosplay the hobby or craft knife is a must have.

Rotary Tool

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This is another one of those multi-purpose tools. It can be used to cut, sand, and even engrave when creating costumes and props.

Craft Foam

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Cosplay supplies add up quickly and foam is something everyone should have on hand. Craft foam can be used to create armour, weapons, and so many other bits and pieces to finish off a costume.


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It’s vital to have a selection of paint brushes in various sizes on hand when doing any kind of craft project, cosplay included.


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Markers are one of those things that always seems to come in handy when you least expect it. Sharpies are a good choice because they’re permanent and vibrant but still easy to work with.

Rotary Cutter and Mat

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Your DIY cosplayer can use this type of set to cut out patterns for sewing, felt, and other materials for making costumes. The measurements are super useful when you need to get something exact.

Safety Pins

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Probably the most brutally honest thing on here that most cosplayers hate to admit. Sometimes are costumes are well made, sometimes they’re held together with hot glue and safety pins.


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It has some obvious uses, like fastening costumes, but velcro is also handy to keep your accessories on your belt in the impossible way characters seem to.

Costume Making Book

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This guide features step by step tutorials that will help them create fantastic cosplays out of ordinary objects.


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You would be surprised how difficult it can be to find enough clean, easy to work with, and correctly sized cardboard to make a costume. Give them some nice stuff to use – it will be appreciated.

Leg Wallet

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If someone is a cosplayer they probably have suffered in the past with not having anywhere to store their belongings in costume. This handy item lets them strap their wallet, keys, or whatever safely to their leg. Great in crowds too!

Heavy Duty Scissors

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Never underestimate the value of a good pair of scissors. There’s nothing more disappointing than having a pair break when you’re cutting out cardboard. Even better, order two pairs so they have one pair for cutting fabric and one for everything else.

Tool Box

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They have to have somewhere to keep all their fantastic cosplay tools, right?

DIY cosplay can be a really expensive hobby but when some of these gifts in hand your friend or family member can focus on the creating, not the costs. That’s the fun part anyway.

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