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Outdoor gifts for active toddlers | Summer gifts for small kids | Toddler birthday presents | What to buy a 2 year old | Fun family gift ideas for small children | Creative gifts to get active kids going #gifts #toddler

We play outside a lot but realized at some point that we’d forgotten to do anything that resembled sports. Luckily our daycare is great with introducing all kinds of sports, so we figured out pretty quickly that if you toss a toddler a ball, it’s likely to hit them in the face. Wait, no that’s …

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Mother's Day Gifts from a Toddler | Mother Day Gifts from Son | Mother's Day Gifts from Daughter | What my kid can get his mom for Mother's Day | What my child can buy my wife for mother's day | Cute gifts from little kids

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and probably many Unique Gifter readers are on the hunt for gifts for their mom’s! If you have a toddler and want to find a gift they can give their mom to let them know how thankful they are, you might find an idea or two below! Mom’s …

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Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Toddlers | What to buy in an Easter Egg hunt for a girl | Easter Egg Hunt ideas for a boy | Fun kids present ideas | Gift Basket inspiration for a little girl or little boy | What to buy a playschool child | Easter Egg hunt ideas | Fun gifts

Toddlers are usually pretty easy to shop for but these uniquely Easter themed gift ideas will have them hopping with excitement. Easter Gifts for Toddlers Hide and Squeak Eggs Buy Now This adorable egg themed shape sorter is a perfect first game for toddlers. Bunny Slippers Buy Now There probably isn’t anything cuter than a …

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Non-toy Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Toddlers | Valentines Presents for 2 Year olds | 3 year old gifts | Non-candy valentine's day gifts for kids | for children | for preschoolers | for girls | for boys

What is better than a day full of hearts, sweets, sparkles and love, especially for a toddler? Valentine’s Day is a fun opportunity to show all the toddlers in your life that you love them. But many toddlers already have more toys than they could ever play with, so why add to that? Here is …

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Non-Toy Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers | Easter Basket Ideas without Toys | No-Toy Gifts for 2 year olds | Gifts for 3 year olds | Gift Ideas for Preschoolers | Creative Easter Bunny Ideas | Fun Easter Treats | Stuffers & Fillers that Aren't Junk | Ways to Fill an Easter Basket

Toddlers are a difficult crowd come Easter time. They’re still a bit too small for much chocolate and small toys pose a choking hazard. Most parents are already drowning in toys at this age, anyway, so getting more is probably not a good idea. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered. These toddler-friendly Easter gifts …

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