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20 Mother’s Day Gifts From Toddlers

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and probably many Unique Gifter readers are on the hunt for gifts for their moms! That’s why we came up with these Mother’s day gifts from toddlers – because anyone with a toddler in their life deserves a gift or two.

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If you have a toddler and want to find a gift they can give their mom to let them know how thankful they are, you might find an idea or two below! Mom’s give it their all each day, so make sure to pamper them with love and kindness on Mother’s Day.


Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day That Toddlers Can Give

These gifts are perfect to give your wife, mom, or another special woman in your life from a toddler.

Mother's Day Gifts From Toddlers: Two black t-shirts, one for an adult and one for a toddler. Both with white font one saying mama and the other mini.

Matching Shirt Set

I know matching clothes are so fun for mom’s so give them this fun gift to match their mini! They offer sizes from newborn to youth large, so you have a wide range on kids and women sizes.

Clear acrylic heart that says MOM with a blue butterfly on it.

Acrylic Heart

Here is a unique and fun gift, with a variety of words you can put on this acrylic heart. She can display it in her bathroom, by the mirror, to always look at it and be reminded of her sweet child.

gold, silver, and rose gold chains all with various birthstones on them.

Birthstone Infinity Necklace

Shower her with love and give her a bracelet that shows that special bond between a mother and a child can’t be broken. Choose the birthstone you need to match your child’s birthday month.

Willow Tree Mother and Son, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Willow Tree Mother and Son

A special figurine that showcases the love and bond between mom and son. I love Willow Tree figurines, they are stunning and last a lifetime.

Gift for Mom with Kids Birthdays with Black Frame Available, You Choose Colors

Child’s Birthday Print

Whether you have one or more children you can get this custom print that shows the birth dates of each child. I thought this would be a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, from both toddlers and babies alike! , from both toddlers and babies alike! .

Mom Gift Set -'Undercover Superhero' Book and Coffee Mug in Keepsake Box. Perfect Gift for Mothers from Son, Daughter or Kids for Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day

Undercover SuperHero Set

This is a really neat set, it shows how special a mom’s role is in your toddler’s life. They see her as a superhero and this set will let the momma know how loved and looked up to she really is.

Framed chart showing night sky with stars with font below that says The day you became my mummy.

Star Gift

This gift is so touching, they will pull a picture of the day you were born and the child’s birth date and where they were at state wise. I think this is such a magical and touching gift.

Laser Engraved 'Mom's Magic Baking Spoon' Wooden Spoon - New Mom Gifts - Baking Gifts - Birthday Gifts For Moms - Mother's Day Gifts - Baby Shower Gifts

Mom’s Spoon

If she likes to spend time in the kitchen some fun utensils like this would be a fun gift for her. Then she can have pieces that when she goes to make your toddlers favorite cookies, she is reminded of this fun gift.

Mother's Day Gifts From Toddlers: Hygge box with mug, coaster, blanket and more.

Hygge Box

This hygge gift box is full of things to make her days and evenings cozy; perfect for relaxation after a long day of parenting. Maybe you can take your toddler to the park or out for ice cream while she relaxes!

Baby Boy Gift to Mommy, Sweet Poem from Son to Mom, 8x10 Inch Custom Print

Words for Mom Frame

Take the time to give a gift with sentimental value. If you have a toddler boy find a cute picture to stick in this frame and melt her heart!

sedmart Four Seasons Tree of Life Pendant Wire Wrapped Wisdom Ancient Copper Necklace Gemstone Chakra Jewelry


This necklace is supposed to help bring health, happiness, and good luck. Plus it is a very pretty statement piece for her to wear around the home or out and about.

Framed poem to mom with flowers on it.

You Are My World

Moms have such a special part in their child’s life and this word art says just that. Frame it and wrap it up in pretty tissue paper and let her know that her little toddler appreciates her more than they even know.

Hand painted watercolor journal with flowers and a pink ribbon on it.

Hand Painted Watercolor Journal


Wish bracelet, two thin silver bracelets with silver stars on both.

Wish Bracelet

This wish bracelet lets your toddler thank their mom for all they have done and will do over the years. She puts the bracelet on and over time the band will wear and eventually break, and her wish can come true.

I love you Mom sign. Heart gift sign and keepsake for Christmas and Hanukkah. Unique gift for Mom from the kids. #1 Mom

Mom String Art

Give her a piece that she can decorate the home with! I love this handmade string art, it is so pretty and offers that farmhouse rustic feel that is so popular.

mothers rings showing kids names and birthdates on them.

Mother’s Ring

I love these mother’s rings, they are simple and stackable so great if you have multiple kids or plan to for the future, you can add on.

Wooden engraved box that says maria's recipes.

Custom Recipe Box

If she likes to spend time in the kitchen, get her this custom recipe box. It will be something she can use for years and always remember her sweet little one got it for her.

Pink t-shirt with black font that says But did you die? #momlife

MomLife Shirt

Let her rock this fun Mom Life shirt as she is out running errands or chasing her little toddler around the house. These shirts are so popular right now.

Mothers Gift – Special Love Heart Poem Bamboo Cutting Board Design Mom Gift Mothers Day Gift Mom Birthday Christmas Gift Engraved Side For Décor Hanging Reverse Side For Usage (7x13.5 Paddle)

Cutting Board

Here is one more idea for any mom who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. A cutting board with a wonderful quote on it. A great way to know all her meals will be cooked with love.

Hopefully you found some great Mother’s Day gifts from toddlers to give the women in your life! Anyone with a toddler around deserves to get spoiled, so be sure to give generously, especially to the mothers of little ones, this year.


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