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Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpa From a Toddler

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Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your gratitude for Dad. You can celebrate all of the wonderful Dads in your life on this special day in many ways. One way to celebrate is with a heartfelt gift to say thank you. If you are looking for the perfect gift from your toddler to Grandpa this year, you will definitely want to check out this list of

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Fun Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpa From a Toddler

Father's Day is Just Around the Corner!
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Engraved Whiskey Decanter

Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpa From a Toddler.

Soundwave Art

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Soundwave Art is a unique way for you to leave a message for your loved one. Grandpa will, without a doubt, love hearing his young grandchild’s voice for many years to come.

Footprint Art

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Toddlers are not toddlers for long. They grow so quickly, and it’s nice to have sweet memories of them at this stage. This Footprint Art helps you to do just that.

World’s Best Grandpa Award

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Grandpa will most definitely feel like the “World’s Best Grandpa” receiving this super cute award.

Canvas Card

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The little ones will have an absolute blast painting this Canvas Card for Grandpa.

Photo Display

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Grandpa will have a very special place to store, and showcase, some of his favorite photos and keepsakes of his grandchild as long as he has this Photo Display.

Wood Burned Drawing

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I know, we all love to receive cute little artwork from our creative toddlers. However, after time the paper starts to wear and tear. This Wood Burned Drawing eliminates that issue.

Fingerprint Art

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Create a keepsake of your toddler’s fingerprints while making Grandpa laugh with this “Partner in Crime” Fingerprint Art.

Fingerprint Keychain


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Of all the keychains Grandpa may have owned in his lifetime, this one is sure to be his favorite.

“Best Grandpa” Print

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Incorporate your toddler’s unique handprints in this one-of-a-kind “Best Grandpa” Print.

“Nailed It” Footprint

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If you are looking for a fun, and unique, gift just for Grandpa, you need not look any further than this “Nailed It” Footprint Artwork.

3D Footprint

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Grandpa will have a gift that he will forever cherish thanks to this 3D Footprint from his grandchild.

Handprint Tree

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Grandpa will love having this wonderful keepsake to reflect back on the days when his grandchild was a toddler.

DIY Watercolor Painting

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Toddlers will have fun playing in paint to create this DIY Watercolor Painting.

Engraved Photo to Illustration

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This Engraved Photo to Illustration is a sturdy piece that will definitely withstand the test of time.

Portrait Art

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Grandpa will be more than happy to show off his beautiful grandchild on the walls of his home with this Portrait Art.

Scribble Art

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Showcase your toddler’s scribbles as a unique work of art transformed into this Scribble Art.


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Grandpa has probably given quite a few teddy bears in his time. But he certainly won’t be expecting to receive one.

Greeting Card

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Greeting Cards are a simple gift that can be used for any occasion.

Custom Block Ornament

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This Custom Block Ornament will be an accessory that Grandpa will want to use year round.

Sippy Cup Mug

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Let your toddler gift Grandpa a Sippy Cup of his own with this unique Coffee Mug.

Grandpa is sure to appreciate the love and thought that went into selecting the perfect Father’s Day gift for him. You can certainly make this a Father’s Day that he will never forget.

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