8 things to put in her purse to find later

8 Things to Put in her Purse to find Later

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Sweet nothings and surprises are the happy moments of life.  Many women cart around a purse throughout their day and it is the perfect place to hide a fun little note or gift, to remind them how much you appreciate them in your life.  Here are 8 things to put in her purse to find later, that she will adore.

This is such a sweet idea! I'm going to find a friend, mother or girlfriend to surprise with one of these gifts.

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Sweet love notes

Who doesn’t love reaching into their wallet and finding a sweet note about how much you’re loved? Some suggestions would be a poem about love, or if that isn’t your thing, it doesn’t even have to be long or sappy because a short: “I love you”, “I am thinking about you right now!” or “Have a good day” will suffice if you aren’t very sentimental. When she reaches in and finds the note, it will be sure to brighten her day; just make sure the note is clearly marked in an envelope so she won’t mistake it for a crumpled shopping list and toss it before reading it.

A small treat with a note

Don’t choose anything such as chocolate that might melt easily or fuse to the other items in her purse. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but even a few pieces of wrapped toffee with a little note attached saying something along the lines of wishing her a sweet day, or “break open in case of emergencies”, will be sure to make her smile.

Jewelry in a small gift box  8 Things to Put in Her Purse to Find Later | Mother's Day | Gift Ideas | Random Acts of Kindness | RASK | Birthday | Treat | Cute Ideas | DIY

Buy a pair of earrings, a necklace, ring or bracelet that you think she’d like, wrap it in a small little gift box, attach a little note and bury it in her purse. When she reaches into her purse and finds this lovely little wrapped gift box, it will surprise her in a good way! While it may not be your 11th anniversary, you can probably still find an idea on this list

A memorable photo of the two of you

Have a favourite photo of the two of you? Why not print it, write a nice message on the back and leave it rolled or folded with a ribbon in her purse? It will be an instant visual message that she can open and be instantly transported to the time you two took those pictures together.

A pair of tickets to an event

Maybe she really wanted to see a certain play or go to a concert, so why not buy a pair of tickets and surprise her with them? If they are time-sensitive and you aren’t positive she will find them in time, make sure they are in a brightly coloured envelope that she can’t miss…so that she doesn’t!

Sweet newspaper or magazine clipping

Sometimes, reading a great article that reminded you of her, or a story about a kind act can really brighten someone’s day. Pick an inspiring, and sweet story, print it and fold it up for her to read when she finds it hidden in her bag.

Her favourite lip product

Maybe she’s a lip product addict, but even if she isn’t it can’t be hard to find a nice lip product (lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick) that you can attach with a note saying you hope this small gift brightens her day and you were thinking of her.

Gift card to her favourite store or coffee house

It doesn’t have to be for a lot of money, even $10 or $20 to spend at her favourite store or favourite coffee house (Starbucks!) can really brighten someone’s day in the most unexpected way. Try putting the gift card in one of these mugs that she’s sure to love. 

Have you ever found something delightful and unexpected in your purse, other than a $5 bill from last year? Have you ever put something in someone’s purse?

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