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20 Gifts for Pediatricians

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Unique gifts for pediatricians in this list! When you are looking for just the right gift for your favorite pediatrician, whether they are your doctor, a family member, a friend, or someone else, finding a gift that is both thoughtful and avoids the typical “doctor” stuff can be hard. The gifts on this list are all unique and fun! You are sure to find something that the pediatrician in your life will enjoy!

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20 Creative Gifts For the Pediatricians in Your Life

Each of these presents is perfect for the pediatrician in your life! Use them to say thank you to a particularly caring one on behalf of your child, to welcome a new grad to the world of pediatrics, or as a nice gift for someone who works in the professional that you want to surprise.

“Instant pediatrician, just add coffee” Tumbler

“Instant pediatrician, just add coffee” Tumbler

To work, all they need to do is add coffee! With this tumbler, they can drink their coffee on the go too.

Pediatrics: Our Patients Are the Cutest Shirt

Our Patients Are the Cutest Shirt

It’s true; their patients are the cutest in pediatrics!

Cute Band-Aid Retractable Badge Holder

Cute Band-Aid Retractable Badge Holder

Keeping their clothes and pediatrician accessories fun for the kids is essential, and that’s where this adorable retractable badge holder comes in.

ADC 618SF Adscope Adimals Model 618 Pediatric Clinician Stethoscope With Tunable AFD Technology, Seafoam

Animal Stethoscope

This is such a cute and practical gift idea. It’s a great stethoscope for a new doctor and can be customized with cute animals to delight their tiny patients. With 7 faces to choose from they can keep things fresh with muti-day patients (if working in a hospital) or surprise kids every time they visit the doctor’s office.

Big Patience for little patients mug

Big Patience Mug

It takes a lot of love and patience to be good at pediatrics but those that manage definitely have heart of gold. This mug is a great way to say “I see you” to a pediatrician and say thanks for the work they do.

I'm a pediatrician I have very little patients funny sign

Funny Sign

For the ped with a sense of humor! It would be a great addition to their desk at work or to display at home.

I heart tiny humans #Pediatrician Shirt

#Pediatrician Shirt

Graduating school as a doctor and finally working as a pediatrician is something to be proud of. After all that, help the new #pediatrician brag to the world about their profession (and love for it) with this custom t-shirt.

GIANTmicrobes Common Cold Plush - Educational Get Well Gift, includes Information Card, Medical and Biology Gift, Learning tool for Kids, Students, Pediatrician, Doctors, and Nurses

Giant Microbes

These are so cute (and kind of handy) for pediatricians to have on hand in the office or when educating kids. Not only is this giant microbe adorable, it can be used to show kids who easily germs and viruses spread.

Pediatrician Shirt Funny Pediatrics Joke Pediatrician Gift T-Shirt

Boo-Boos Shirt

It might be hard to spell but being a pediatrician is a super important job. What greater honor is there, really, than being a professional fixer of boo-boos?

Best Pedia Pals Giraffe Reflex Hammer for proffessional use as Percussion Hammer Instrument Customized to Animal Shape for Pediatric Doctor or Nurse in clinics and Hospital

Giraffe Reflex Hammer

Another handy tool for a pediatrician, this reflex hammer is a lot more fun than the boring old hammer shaped ones. Great for cheering up a kid that’s nervous!

Best Pediatrician Christmas Ornament

Best Pediatrician Ornament

This would be a sweet thank you gift for your child’s pediatrician – especially if they were involved in your child’s birth. It’s also a nice Christmas gift to remind a doctor in your life how great they are at what they do.

Custom Stethoscope Name Tag

Custom Stethoscope Name Tag

If stethoscopes are shared this can be easily slipped on and off during rounds. Order their favorite color, pick the font, and include an image on the lower part that reflects their specialty (like the baby or band-aids).

Doctor Prescription Pad Sleeve

Dogs, cats, frogs, flowers, and more to choose from!

Personalized Notepad gift for a pediatrician

Personalized Notepad

From information to parents to important notes it’s always handy to have a notepad on you when you’re a doctor. This one’s even better because it can be personalized and includes friendly designs.

Doctor Coat Hanger

Doctor Coat Hanger

Another great idea for the new grad! They’re a doctor now – which deserves both special recognition and a special place to hang their coat.

The Heart of Caring: A Life in Pediatrics

Pediatrician Memoir

There’s something cathartic reading a story that you can relate to so much. The Heart of Caring as written by a 40-year veteran pediatrician about the ups and downs of a career in this challenging profession.

Men's Fashion tie Cute Dinosaurs Necktie One Size Neck Tie

Cute Necktie

If you’re shopping for a children’s doctor that wears a tie to work then something with a cute print would make a thoughtful gift. Get a few to delight the kids with something different each time they see the doctor!

Baby Whisperer Badge Reel

Baby Whisperer Badge Reel

Your favorite pediatrician is a miracle worker with the babies, which means they are a certified baby whisperer.

Pediatrician Collectible Handmade Metal Art Figurine, Desk Accessories, Trophy, Boss Gift, Office Décor, Doctor Gift

Collectible Metal Art Figure

This handmade figure depicts a pediatrician at work caring for a young patient. Stylish enough to fit with a variety of decor, it would be a lovely gift that they could display in their office at work or as a reminder of how special they are while at home.

White Coat Wine Bags for Doctors (Male) - Graduation Wine Label for Doctors, White Coat Ceremony Gifts Wine Gift Bags, Medical School Graduation Gifts, Residency Match Day Gifts

Bottle of Wine

Working with children creates plenty of days where you want to come home and celebrate or take your mind off things. Having a nice bottle of wine waiting at the end of a long day can be just the pick me up a busy doctor needs.

If you do gift wine, dress it up in a little doctor’s coat!

This would also make a great grad gift idea with champagne.

Being a pediatrician may not be an easy job, but it is imperative and rewarding!

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