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20 Gift Ideas for Guys who like Cars

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If your friend is anything like mine; every third sentence has something to do with a car. Conversation can sometimes be a bit wobbly because sometimes I cannot relate to what he is saying. If you are like me here are 20 gift ideas for guys who like cars you can get your friend who loves cars and hopefully he will also show you a bit of love… eventually.

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Beep Beep!

Who’s got the keys to the Jeep? We also have keys to gift ideas for formula 1 fans and gifts for truck drivers

Gift Ideas for Guys who like Cars

Speedometer cufflinks

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Suit, tie and super cool cufflinks, he will certainly raise the temperature with these

Car Model

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In case someone was wondering how much of a car collector he is.

Bullet valve stem caps

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Mess with his car and he will definitely shoot you and keep the evidence for bragging rights.

Personalized garage sign

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In case you were wondering, keep out of his garage.

Tote bag

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Super cool to carry all your essentials in.

Collectible car tins

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Super cool collector’s items; all junk stored away effectively.

Vintage car keys

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Ideal pretend bragging material for his ‘non-existent’ collection of vintage cars.

Car coasters

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Car coasters for a car lover, absolutely! Let him coast in style.

Car T-shirt

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Trust him to know all about the not so boring cars, conversation starters.

BMW keychain

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Dreams do come true when you mediate on them, if this is his dream car why not help him reach that dream a bit sooner.

Race track t-shirts

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Totally cool for race track days.

Vintage car wall art

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Wall art never hurt no body. Ideal for the living room or the man cave.

Leather key chain

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He may prefer a ‘Lamborghini made it’ but it’s the thought that counts after all.

Car pillow

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Perfect for resting his head and meditating on his favourite ride. Why not?

Ferrari t-shirt

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Who doesn’t love a glossy red Ferrari? His t-shirt will definitely make a statement.

Vintage car print

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Ideal for the first who knows more than just the average details about cars. This bad boy will definitely blow his socks off.

Belt buckle

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Cars will now not only be the centre of his universe but they will also help hold his pants up.

Car print bowtie

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Ideal for those suit and bow tie kinda days.

Chevy Corvette dealer promo model car

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Add to his collection of stuff. This one will leave him smiling from ear to ear.

Car t-shirt

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He might just be the ultimate classic man.

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