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20 STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 3 Year Old Boy

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Are you looking for a birthday gift for a 3 year old boy? Get him a toy that will inspire his learning with one of these 20 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) birthday gift ideas. Whether he loves playing outdoors, building with blocks or has an early fascination for technology you’ll find something for him on this list!

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STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 3 Year Old Boy

Gears, Gears and Gears

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It’s never to early to start understanding physics! This Gears, Gears and Gears set will help the 3 year old boy that you know do just that.

Stack & Count Parking Garage

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For boys who love cars, this Stack & Count Parking Garage is the perfect way to practise counting skills.

Stomp Rocket

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This Stomp Rocket is a brilliant way to spark curiosity about space and engineering. Who knows? Maybe this gift will be the first step towards a career at NASA one day!

Magnetic Towing Game

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Help the 3 year old boy in your life develop essential STEM skills such as hand eye coordination and fine motor skills with this fun magnetic puzzle.


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This is the perfect gift for water babies. Boys will be able to explore the underwater world and it’s creatures without a snorkel or a scuba certificate (because he might have to wait a few more years for one of those!)

LEGO Animal Bingo

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Kids will enjoy creating LEGO animals to win the game while developing their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills (essential for STEM success.)

Smart Max Start XL

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With this gift, boys will be able to start exploring magnetism and build some seriously cool 3D structures.

Buggy Bug House

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Inspire a future entomologist with this cute Bug House. He’ll soon be taking it on all his backyard adventures and who knows quite what he’ll bring home!

Smart Max Basic Stunt

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If he loves vehicles, he’ll love playing with this Smart Max Basic Stunt Kit! He can click the magnets together to make futuristic looking cars and then race them up the ramps.

DUPLO Creative Builder

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Boys will enjoy designing their own buildings and cities with these easy to handle DUPLO bricks. Make way for that future architect!


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Playbrix are big, lightweight blocks that boys will be able to use to build towers taller than themselves!


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These colorful Magformers will be enjoyed by any 3 year old boy. They’ll have fun clicking them together to design their own brightly colored creations.

First Robot Engineer

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Prepare the 3 year old boy in your life for a future filled with robots with this fantastic First Robot Engineer kit.


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Get him Code-a-pillar and he’ll be working at Google before you know it! This cute caterpillar teaches kids basic principles of coding as they connect its segments to change its direction.

First Science Laboratory

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Think 3 years old is too young to have a science lab? You obviously haven’t come across this brilliant set before! With scientific equipment and experiment instructions this is the perfect way to get boys hooked on science.


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Give him the gift of his own house with Buildabouts! He’ll be able to design it his way and then get inside and play. How cool is that?

Turtle Target Toss Game

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Channel his energy with this active Turtle Target Toss Game! Boys will have hours of fun developing their hand eye coordination skills by throwing the sticky bean bags at the target. They’ll even be able to use it to practise their counting skills once they get confident.

Automobile Engineer

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Give the 3 year old boy in your life a head start on his STEM education with this engaging Automobile Engineer Kit. Boys will learn by following the fun story and building the vehicles that they encounter along the way.

Jumbo Magnifier Set

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Nothing will escape his attention once he’s got his hands on this Jumbo Magnifier Set! This is a gift that will encourage his curiosity and help him explore the amazing world around him.

My Pal Scout

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Simply connect My Pal Scout up to a smart phone and it becomes a cute, customizable learning buddy. Perfect for any 3 year old boy who has an interest in technology (and likes soft toys!)

Which of these brilliant STEM gifts are you going to choose for the 3 year old boy in your life? If you do buy any of these gifts, we’d love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments or find us at @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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