Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday | He'll Love You Even More with These

Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday

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Husbands can be fussy (or not) when it comes to gifts. Choosing the right gift for him that complements his lifestyle is not that easy. We’ve decided to compile the most superb gift ideas for your husband’s 50th birthday. Something that definitely won’t be left at the top of the closet for years to come.

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Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday

Being around for half a century is something to be celebrated! Choose one of our best 50th birthday gift ideas and bring them to the classy (or over the hill themed) 50th birthday party you throw for your husband. 

USB Mixtape

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Nostalgia at its best. Put together a selection of songs, photos and memories, served up on a “mixtape.”

You can record friends and family with 50th birthday well-wishes, too.

Gifts for a Husband’s 50th Birthday

So your husband is turning the big 5 0, and you have no clue what to get him. That’s okay, we’ve got you covered. Below are some great gift ideas, with a huge price range, that will truly give your husband a birthday to remember.

Nikon Action Binocular

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If your husband enjoys the outdoors and observing wildlife, then he needs a great pair of binoculars, that will make a thoughtful gift. They are also great for football games if he’s clear in the back.

All in One Bluetooth Record Player

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This classic style record player has so many options, from built-in speakers, an fm radio,a CD player, cassette player, vinyl, mp3 player,usb player. No matter what way your husband plays his music on, this little stereo will play it all.

Premium Whiskey Stones Gift Set

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This whisky set is sure to make your husband feel proud enough to show off the birthday present you bought him to his friends. Your bar area just won’t be complete and sophisticated without it.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Grilling Accessories

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If bbq is your husband’s middle name, this barbecue accessories set has it all. It’s perfect for tailgating, parties, or just grilling out for two. It’s been made to have long lasting durability, so many grilling seasons from now your husband will still be grilling away with them.

Cheese board with Cutlery Set

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This set includes a cheese board, spreading, and slicing knives perfect for any party or any special occasion. With a bottle of wine this also might be a great gift that he could use for a romantic evening with you.

1953 Chevy Pickup with Cooler

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Need the perfect cooler for your party? This Coca-Cola vintage 1953 pickup truck will be the most coveted item of the evening.

Wilson Golf Set

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Are your husband’s clubs looking outdated even to you these days. He’ll be surprised at the golf game he’s been missing out on all this time with this snazzy set. It might be a little pricier than you planned on spending, but your husband doesn’t turn 50 everyday.

Gas Grill

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Most men love to grill. This Royal Gourmet grill will be a great update from the one that’s rusting out in the backyard. He will simply love this for his 50th birthday gift.

Tactical Pen

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This heavy duty multi-tool pen does it all, and your husband is sure to get a kick out of it. It can be converted into a flashlight, bottle opener, glass breaker tip, that is used by swat and law enforcement officers.

Leather Wallet

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Every couple years you notice his wallet is looking a little tired. A new leather wallet is a small inexpensive gift that he is sure to use everyday and think of you.

Mountain Bike


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A new mountain bike is a perfect form of exercise that every 50 year old man needs. Get him the bike of his dreams!

Tennis Racket

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Does your husband take tennis seriously, like a pro? This Wilson tennis racket is sure to raise some eyebrows on other tennis players.

Wilson Golf Balls

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If your husband already has a great Wilson set of clubs, you won’t go wrong in getting him new golf balls. That means one less stop to the store, and trust me, he will thank you for it.

Beer Chiller Sticks

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Every man needs one, especially if their turning 50. These chiller sticks will cool off his beer in minutes.

Flashlight Gloves

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Working around the house, it’s helpful for your man to have a third hand to hold the flashlight. These flashlight gloves are a thoughtful gift that will impress him.

Magnetic Wristband

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This is another great tool to have when your husband is such a great handyman. This will also keep him from losing all the pieces, and also prevent you from holding on to them.

Camping Tent

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Maybe you’re looking for a new adventure in your life and have never gone together before. Buy him a tent and get to appreciate the romantic getaway with him.

Universal Socket Wrench

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Not everyday a ratchet wrench set is universal, and is sure to come in handy down the road.

Men’s Watch

Men's watch Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday

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This watch will remind him to use his time wisely. This is one of those ultra-classic half century birthday gift ideas.

Yoga Cork Block

Yoga cork block thoughtful Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday

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This yoga block will have him in tip top shape in no time.

Men’s Running Shoes

Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday - running shoes

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Hubby will itch to run the Walt Disney World Marathon after receiving these running shoes.

Vionic Sandal

Vionic sandals perfect Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday

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Have him casually wobbling along the beach with these Vionic sandals.

Gaming Laptop

Your husband is going to love this gaming laptop for his 50th birthday present

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Any 50 year old gamer would go nutty for this laptop. Treat his inner child to some much deserved love.

Guitar Polish

Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday - guitar polish

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Treat your hubby to some tlc for his guitar. Especially if he is a Santana enthusiast. Guess you’ll be Maria Maria!

Birthday Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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Another easy classic – pair with…. whatever you’re up for.

Meat Assortment

the best Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday - breakfast value pack

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And if he is a meat lover… This gift will help him unleash his animal instincts.

Push Reel Lawnmower

Push reel lawnmower perfect outdoors gift for your husband your Husband’s 50th Birthday

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Some men are just a sucker for an environmentally friendly gadget. And if he is kinda OCD about his lawn, this gift is perfect.

Limited Series Membership Wine Club

Thoughtful 50th birthday gift idea for your husband - the wine club membership

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You only turn 50 once. Nothing says I love you better than a limited series membership.

New York New York Cufflinks

New York New York Cufflinks Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday

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This gift will have him singing along to Alicia keys invention of the golden oldies version.

Stamped Stainless Steel Collar Stays

Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday - stainless steel collar

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This is so close to his heart, he will never forget about you.

Belt Hipster

Belt hipster Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday

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Nothing sexier than a man whose got his stuff organized!

Personalized docking station

Personalised docking station practical Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday

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We all need a little reminder about some things in life. And when you turn 50, your name could be one of them.

Eiffel tower mousepad

Eiffle tower mouse pad Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday

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If your husband is French, or just obsessed with the Eiffel tower.

Steampunk headphones

Your husband is going to love these steampunk headphones 50th birthday present

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These headphones are just the thing for a 50 year old.

Vintage Electronic organizer

Vinage organizer Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday

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Get him this if he is refusing to leave the stone age.

Bird USB

bird USB stick useful Gift Ideas for your Husband’s 50th Birthday

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This USB will have him on point with his tweets.


Iphone dockpad

iPhone dockpad gift idea for your husband on his 50th birthday

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This docking station will have him happy that life has not changed that much.


We hope you found something on this list. And if you still something a bit “younger” we have some gift ideas for his 40th birthday too. 

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