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20 Iron Man Gifts to Get Him on Your 6th Anniversary

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Iron is the traditional 6th anniversary gifts but gifts actually made out of iron? Kind of boring. Get your superhero loving husband something he’ll really enjoy with these Iron Man gifts for a fun spin on tradition.

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Iron Man Gifts

Iron Man Drawings

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This art print is more grown up than usual superhero posters. It has as vintage design and shows the Iron Man schematics.

Iron Man Movie Collection

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If he doesn’t already own the series why not gift him the Blu Ray collection for your anniversary?

Stark Industries Decal

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Let your husband pretend he’s Tony Stark by buying this Stark Industries decal for him to stick to anything and everything.

Arc Reactor Necklace

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Some men like to wear necklaces, so why not a geeky one? This pendant is an arc reactor, Iron Man’s heart.

Pallet Sign

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Maybe a little something for his man cave that still looks sophisticated. This hand painted sign is made from pallets for a little rustic charm.

Iron Man Apron

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Having a man who cooks is a gift in itself so get him something fun to wear around the kitchen like this Iron Man themed apron.

Mini Fridge

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And after he’s done cooking you a wonderful meal he can pull a beer out of his cool Iron Man mini fridge and relax a little.

NECA Iron Man Figure

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Collectible figures make excellent gifts. This one is made by a very high quality company so he can put it on display.

Iron Man Cufflinks

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These are especially cool if you’re going out somewhere fancy for your anniversary or he has to dress up for work.

Iron Man T-Shirt

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Who doesn’t love getting t-shirts of their favorite characters? Get him a grown-up one for your anniversary so he can still be a kid on the inside.

Avengers Shot Glasses

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It’s not just Iron Man, sure, but these Avengers themed shot glasses make a fantastic anniversary gift.

Computer Mouse

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Let him use Iron Man’s face to browse the internet with this fun computer mouse.

Iron Man Art

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Perfect for the man cave, this hand drawn, original Iron Man art features Robert Downy Jr.’s Iron Man. It’s cool and unique!

Crocheted Gloves

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Winter anniversary? No problem! Get him some crocheted Iron Man gloves and yes, they’re adult sized.

Comic Wallet

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Most guys need new wallets but will never get them for themselves. Throw some gift cards in this Iron Man comic book wallet for an anniversary surprise.

Iron Man Backpack

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OK look, as a guy I can safely say we have this problem where we have to carry stuff but of course we’re not going to use a bag or something because that’s to girly. That’s where the backpack comes in and this one is way too cool. If you want to make it a really awesome 6th anniversary gift put another Iron Man gift inside!

Team Stark Jacket

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We all know who’s team he’s on!

Custom Avengers Shoes

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Maybe he’s a sneaker fan or likes to show off his style at the gym. Get him these custom made Nike shoes for your anniversary!

Stark Industries Whiskey Glasses

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Iron Man inspired merch makes for a great iron anniversary gift. These are a little more grown up than usual superhero stuff but with a fun, geeky reference all the same.

An Actual Iron Man Suit

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Do you want to be the coolest wife ever? All you have to do is wrap this custom suit up as your 6th anniversary gift and your Iron Man loving husband will never be happier.

Happy anniversary!

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