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20 70th Platinum Anniversary Gift Ideas

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70th Platinum Anniversary Gift Ideas are as unique as the individual receiving the gift. As you, or your family members’, 70th wedding anniversary approaches, you may be looking for a meaningful platinum gift! There are many jewelry and other options to choose from, these are just a drop in the bucket. Make sure to check them all out!

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Amazing 70th Platinum Anniversary Gift Ideas You Must See

Look at this terrific list of presents that are sure to bring a smile to the recipients face!

Platinum Mila Kunis Style Ring

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This Mila Kunis style platinum ring will look elegant on your spouse’s finger.

Platinum Leather Teardrop Earrings

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These beautiful platinum leather teardrop earrings are absolutely stunning!

Baguette Diamond Platinum Ring

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You can’t go wrong with a diamond ring! This particular ring is stunning!

Platinum Plated Crown Bracelet

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While this might be more of a friendship bracelet, it is a super sweet gesture and great for when money is tight too. After all, your spouse is your queen or king.

Dainty Round Gold Platinum Druzy Necklace

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Druzy necklaces are absolutely stunning and unique.

Braided Platinum Twist Band

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A braided platinum twist band is simple, yet beautiful at the same time. It is great for someone who loves simplicity.

Platinum Framed Photo Frames

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You can never have enough frames, especially ones that are platinum for your platinum wedding anniversary.

Platinum Plated Zirconia Earrings

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These absolutely stunning platinum plated zirconia earrings will look beautiful on your spouse’s ears for those times that they are dressing up.

Snow White Platinum Rose

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A snow white platinum rose is a rose that will last a lifetime.

Ivory and Platinum Metallic Striped Ribbon

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If you are a crafty person, this ivory and platinum metallic striped ribbon is great for creating your own gift for your spouse.

Turquoise with Platinum Handmade Bubble Pendant Necklace

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Platinum gifts don’t have to mean something without color! This turquoise with platinum handmade bubble pendant necklace has beautiful color.

Platinum Wedding Ring

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Whether or not they need a new wedding ring, this platinum wedding ring will make a great addition to their jewelry.

Diamond Platinum Cross Necklace

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Elegant necklace sparkles and shines. Show you care with this beauty!

Platinum Sparkling Metallic String

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This is another idea for when you are crafty and want to make a gift for them, yourself.

Dark Green Platinum Rose

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If the white rose above is too colorless for you or them, then a dark green platinum rose is a great alternative and will last a much longer than a real rose.

Platinum Pocket Watch

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Help them keep the time easier with a platinum pocket watch.

Crystal Pearl and Gold Fill Platinum Necklace

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Pearls are beautiful, yet simple, too. Your spouse will love wearing this around their neck.

Platinum Plated Zirconia Necklace

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The listing says that the platinum plated zirconia necklace is for a bridesmaid or wedding party, but there is an option to leave the box blank as well, and the necklace works for your 70th wedding anniversary too.

Real Black Rice Pearl Platinum Plated Brooch

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If brooches are their thing, then this gift is perfect. A real black rice pearl platinum plated brooch will add a sophisticated touch!

Platinum Cracked Metallic Leather Coin Purse with Wristlet

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There are so many different pieces of jewelry to choose from, but they may not expect to get something that isn’t jewelry like this platinum cracked metallic leather coin purse that they can even wear on their wrist.

Even I wasn’t sure there would be so many lovely choices when it came to platinum, and yet here they are!

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