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20 45th Sapphire Anniversary Gifts for Him

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45th Sapphire Anniversary Gifts for him is just what you need to celebrate. Sapphires are handsome, and so is your husband. You want to get him a gift that he loves, but one that also has meaning too. That’s where the 45th sapphire anniversary gift list comes in. It has all sorts of gifts he might enjoy!

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Creative 45th Sapphire Anniversary Gifts For Him

Let your husband know how much your anniversary means to you. Give him one of these unique gifts. And if you meant the 44th anniversary, we’ve got you covered there too! 

Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstones Cufflinks

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Cufflinks are an excellent way for him to jazz up his suit!

Sapphire Sundial

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This sapphire sundial would make a great addition to his office or other space decor. It can even be personalized!

Sapphire Jewelry Bath Bomb

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Sometimes he needs to relax in a bath, but it is hard to get him to do so. With the sapphire jewelry bath bomb, it may be more comfortable.

Silver Sapphire Tie Bar

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Keep his tie in the right place with a silver sapphire tie bar.

Black Tungsten Ring with Natural White Antler and Sapphire Blue

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Black is sleek and classy, and this one has natural white antler and sapphire blue colors in it as well, which is really great for your 45th sapphire wedding anniversary.

Sapphire Blue Socks

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He can wear these sapphire blue socks anywhere he goes, even when he dresses up.

Sapphire Wedding Band

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If you two have ever considered replacing your wedding bands, now is the time to do it, with the sapphire wedding band.

Bombay Sapphire Gin Candle

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This Bombay Sapphire gin candle could help him relax even more, whether in the bath or not.

Sapphire Blue Cufflinks

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These circular sapphire blue cufflinks will go great with a blue tie and even match the sapphire blue socks listed above.

Sapphire Hematite Stacking Healing Bracelet

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If you want something that has healing properties, the sapphire hematite stacking healing bracelet is the way to go.

Silver Dog Tag Necklace with a Sapphire

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Dog tags will never go out of style because they represent something so much bigger than each person.

Raw Iolite Necklace

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This raw iolite necklace will look so handsome around his neck.

Blue Sapphire Men’s Watch

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This watch is stylish and looks fabulous with the sapphire-colored face. He is going to love this!

Sapphire Blue Pillow Case

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Spice up the home decor with a sapphire blue pillowcase to represent your 45 years together.

Sapphire Beaded Bracelet

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Bracelets don’t tend to sound masculine, but this sapphire beaded bracelet is!

Sapphire Blue Belt

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Another sapphire blue accessory to make your husband look even more handsome than he already does, and keep his pants up at the same time.

Sapphire Blue Silk Tie

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If you put all these suit accessories together, he would be sporting such a brilliant sapphire blue with his suit.

Dolphin Trio Oceanside in Deep Sapphire Beach Soap

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More decorative than anything else, if he loves the ocean or dolphins, he just might get a smile from this soap each time he looks at it.

Skinny Tie Clip with Sapphire

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He definitely needs a skinny tie clip with a sapphire on it, if he doesn’t like anything too flashy.

Modern Sapphire Quartz Cufflinks

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These modern sapphire quartz cufflinks will add a little spice to his suit when he goes to church, work, a meeting, or anywhere else.

Your 45th sapphire wedding anniversary is a big one, but you don’t have to sweat the gift with this list handy!

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