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7th Copper Anniversary Gifts For Her

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Whenever we think of copper, it’s likely that we think about pennies. There is more to copper than pennies, though. Your seventh wedding anniversary is copper, and there are so many awesome gift choices for your wife. 

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Creative  7th Copper Anniversary Gifts For Her

If you thought about going with the 7th-anniversary wool gift idea, we have a bunch of those too. 

“I love you more” Personalized Copper Keychain

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You love her more than you could possibly describe, and this “I love you more” personalized copper keychain is just one way to say it.

Hammered Copper Ring

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This beautiful, yet simple, the hammered copper ring is a great choice for your wife if she loves the simplistic look.

Chased Copper Dangle Disc Earrings

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Imagine how elegant she would look with these chased copper dangle disc earrings hanging from her ears as you go out to celebrate your seventh wedding anniversary!

“Happy 7th” Copper Horseshoe

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If she loves horses, she will absolutely adore her new “Happy 7th” copper horseshoe to commemorate this wedding anniversary.

Copper Tree of Life Boho Bracelet

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The tree of life has a great way of representing you two and the life you have built together so far.

Copper Calendar Keychain

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Personalize the copper calendar keychain with the date of your wedding or first date, or maybe even the first day you met.

Copper Piping Shelf Brackets

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These copper piping shelf brackets may not be a traditional wedding anniversary gift, but they sure do look nice.

Hand Stamped Copper Bookmark

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Help her keep her place in her books with her very own hand stamped copper bookmark.

Moscow Mule Copper Mug with Tree

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For the coffee loving wife, a Moscow mule copper mug with a tree on it, will delight.

Custom Inspirational Word Copper Cuff Bracelet

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Leave your wife feeling inspired and ready to tackle life, with this custom inspirational word copper cuff bracelet.

Personalized Interlinked Copper Hearts

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Your life is so interlinked now, that you two need these personalized interlinked copper hearts to keep as keepsakes.

Copper Owl Dangle Earrings

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She will look very elegant in these copper owl dangle earrings, especially if she loves owls.

Copper Heart with Tree Pocket Charm

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Your wife can keep this copper heart with tree pocket charm in her pocket or wallet and with her at all times.

Purse or Wallet Copper Insert with Engraving

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This purse, or wallet, copper insert with a personalized engraving is a great way for her to carry a message from you, anywhere she goes.

Floral Copper Locket Necklace

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With a photo of the two of you together, or of your children, this floral design copper locket necklace will quickly become her favorite accessory.

Large Copper Hoop Earrings

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These large copper hoop earrings are stunningly beautiful!

Mini Marble and Copper Pot and Plant

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If she loves planting flowers or other small plants, the mini marble and copper pot and plant are the perfect gift.

Personalized Copper Keychain

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Personalize this copper keychain with your own personal message to her, or a simple “I love you,” and she will be able to carry it with her wherever she takes her keys.

Copper Fishtail Cuff Bracelet

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Imagine how lovely she will look and feel as she wears her new copper fishtail cuff bracelet.

Marble and Copper Candlestick Holders

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These marble and copper candlestick holders would go beautifully with the mini pot and plant above, same color scheme.

There are countless copper gifts that she will love, and most of all, she will love them because they come from you.

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