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20 23rd Silver Plate Modern Anniversary Gifts for Her

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23rd Silver Plate Modern Anniversary Gifts For Her are gorgeous! Contrary to popular belief, or at least my own, it doesn’t have to be actual plates. You can choose things from jewelry, picture frames, cufflinks, and more for each other. This list is full of fun ideas to celebrate your anniversary and get your wife that perfect gift!

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Creative 23rd Silver Plate Modern Anniversary Gifts For Her

Let your wife know how much you care with one of these great gift ideas!

Stephanie Kantis Coronation Small Chain Sterling Silver

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If your wife loves simple jewelry, the Stephanie Kantis coronation small chain sterling silver necklace is perfect and beautiful for her.

Nobility Plate Silverware Set

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This elegant nobility plate silverware set is excellent for fancy dinners or dinner parties with friends.

Silver Plate Crimp Beads

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If you happen to be handy or crafty, these silver plate crimp beads can be made into something extra special while still symbolizing the strength of the 23 years you have been married.

Silver Plate Initial Bar Necklace

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Get her initial on this silver plate initial bar necklace, and it will feel even more personalized and unique for her as she wears it each time.

50 Pieces Silver Plate Hoops Wine Charms

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You can make her some fun silver plate hoops wine charms, or make them into party favors for your anniversary dinner party.

Silver Plate Nylon Thread Handmade Bracelet

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This silver plate nylon thread handmade bracelet will look stunning on her wrist and works as a dressy or casual piece of jewelry.

75 Pieces Silver Plate Split Jump Rings

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Once again, if you are handy or crafty, the possibilities are endless with these silver plate split jump rings as well.

“You have been served” Vintage Silver Plate Serving Spoon

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Great for serving food for the family or for parties, this “You have been served” vintage silver plate serving spoon will get lots of attention.

Actual Handwriting Bracelet

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Have your own handwriting turned into a bracelet for her to cherish for a long time? You can have it say something as simple as “I love you,” or something that only you say to her.

Child’s Fork and Spoon Set Silver Plate

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Whether you have children at home or not, the child’s fork and spoon set are great to have on hand. Plus, it is a reminder of the children you raised together. 

Silver Birch Bread and Butter Plate Dessert Plate

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With the beautiful meadow picture in the center, this plate is great for a piece of decor, or for eating on for special occasions.

Silver Plate Vine Motif Toe Ring

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Nothing says anniversary like a new ring, but this one would go on her toe instead!

Melissa Style Name Plate Necklace

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Her name on a nameplate necklace will give her the personalization to her outfit that she needs, even when ideas escape her.

Berry Spoon Silver Plate

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No matter what she is serving, these berry spoons are unique and fun.

Silver Maple Bread and Butter Plate Dessert Plate

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The design of the silver maple on this plate is simple, yet elegant. It is ready for special meals or to be put up as decoration.

I do, me too, forever, and a day Wedding Fork Set

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You said “I do” 23 years ago, and you mean it forever.

Real Silver Glitter Hounds Tooth and Polka Dots Pattern Monogrammed License Plate

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Make driving around even more fun with this actual silver glitter, houndstooth and polka dots patterned license plate that you can have monogrammed with her initials.

Silver Plate Fluffy Black-Brown Feather Earrings

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She will feel all dolled up when she puts these silver plate fluffy black-brown colored feather earrings on.

Lighthouse Nautical Pendant Necklace

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If she loves lighthouses or the beach, she will really enjoy wearing this lighthouse nautical pendant necklace to work, out to dinner, or wherever she happens to go.

Your 23rd wedding anniversary is something huge to be celebrated! With any one of these gifts for your wife, it will be a wonderful one!

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