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Best 34 Year Anniversary Gift Idea for Her

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You’ve made it this far, they’ll say! This is the year of two hearts settling in a home together. The 34 year anniversary is commemorated by the Opal gemstone, as well as housewares. Celebrate your 34 year anniversary with an spectacular gift idea for her!

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Thoughtful 34 Year Anniversary Gift Idea for Her

These gift ideas are based on the opal stone, as well as the traditional housewares. Home decor is a great way to surprise her on her 34th wedding anniversary! With lots of one of a kind handmade items there’s a lot of potential. Give her a 34 year anniversary celebration she won’t forget with a timeless gift idea!

Brass Farmhouse Padlock

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This is an authentic vintage piece of farmhouse decor that’s both unique and thoughtful. One of a kind items are a perfect 34 year anniversary gift idea that she’ll treasure for a lifetime!

Opal Stone Elephant

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Opal is the celebrated 24 year anniversary stone! Take this opportunity to get her a 34 year anniversary gift idea that is thoughtful and adorable!

Vintage Nesting Baskets

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Vintage gift ideas like these are truly one of a kind! Wicker is coming back into style in a major way, make sure she’s prepared with this awesome 34th anniversary home decor gift! When you shop for retro items like these, you can be sure you won’t find them in just any store!

Amethyst Amazonite Opal Money Tree

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This stunningly gorgeous opal money tree is made of healing stones that make for a really impressive anniversary gift idea. It features the opal, amethyst and amazonite stones that suggest good fortune set in a Feng Shui figurine.

Luxury Moroccan Poufs

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In terms of home decor gifts, one of the best things you can look for is comfort and style! These Moroccan inspired poufs are both comfy and eye-catching. They make a great addition to any living room or bedroom!

Fresh Brewed Coffee Sign

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This retro-style coffee sign is a great modern piece of home decor! It would be the perfect piece of a home decor gift set for your wife on your wedding anniversary!

Opal Tennis Bracelet

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This is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that she can enjoy while out and about! This bracelet is silver plated, giving it an attractive finish that compliments the opal stones marvelously. Celebrate with a 34 year anniversary gift for her that she’ll use on the court!

Art Deco Damask Floral Fabric

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This fabric is the perfect creative gift for her 34th anniversary! Get her a length of this original fabric for a truly thoughtful gift idea. Art deco style is making a huge comeback, grab this fabric for a trendy and sweet crafting gift!

Opal iPhone 11 Case

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This silicone phone case will keep her device safe and let everyone know she’s celebrating her 34 anniversary! Featuring the official 34 year anniversary stone opal, this is a great gift idea for her. Give her a functional and eye-catching gift for her anniversary this year.

Wood Wall Decor

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This 34 year anniversary gift idea for her is perfect if she’s a travel lover! Celebrate a worldly life and track your adventures with this 3D wood map that looks great in any room! This is a handmade original you can’t get in stores.

Rustic Iron Wall Hooks

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These are some truly vintage looking wall hooks! They’d make the perfect piece of a home decor gift set for her 34th anniversary. Use it to hang your most treasured photos of each other!

Opal Countertop Ice Maker

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You can’t mess with this logic. This Opal device is the perfect funny, practical and impressive 34 year anniversary gift for her! Not only is it a fully functional ice maker to make your favorite drinks, but it’s also called Opal. Enjoy!

Fire-Opal Resins

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This fire opal is the ideal crafting gift for her 34th anniversary! If you’re looking for some unique craft supplies she’d love to use in her collection, this is a great option!

8mm White Opal Beads

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Keeping with the crafting and gemstone theme, these beads are great for jewelry amazing! If she considers crafting her favorite hobby, these Opal beads would make for a beautiful addition to her kit!

White Opal Candle

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This lovingly scented candle will make for a romantic 34 year anniversary gift idea for her! IT comes in a gorgeous glass piece, and features 3 wicks to deliver a warm and sweet scent throughout the house!

Rustic Industrial Shelves

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If she’s into farmhouse rustic style around the house this would be the perfect original piece for her! A handmade original, this shelf is made with an industrial and worn look so it will fit right at home.

Green Marble Gold Opal Popsocket

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These handy little gadgets make taking selfies and holding your phone a whole lot easier! Grab her one of these as a part of an Opal themed 34 year anniversary gift idea for her basket.

Blue Opal Sea Turtle Pendant

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Symbolizing health and longevity, this gorgeous blue opal set in sterling silver is a wonderful 34th-anniversary gift idea! Grab her one to commemorate your love for the sea and for each other!

Lumbar Decorative Pillow

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An original home decor gift, this decorative throw pillow is a customizable gift she’ll never forget! It allows you to add a personalized zip code and location, so you can remind her of where you had your first home, your wedding or where you first met!

Two Peas in a Pod Necklace

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This necklace can be customized to include custom charms and two gemstones that correlate with anything you’d like. Whether it’s birthstones, or a blue and white set to commemorate her Opal 34th anniversary, this is a thoughtful and sweet jewelry piece.

Thanks for checking out our 34 year anniversary gift ideas for her! Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect, heartwarming gift to commemorate 34 years of marriage! Each of these gifts either features opal, or house decor themes to correlate closely with the 34th anniversary themes. Happy gifting!

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