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4th Fruit Anniversary Gifts For Him

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The 4th fruit anniversary is one of the most fun kinds of anniversary gifts Iโ€™ve ever discovered. There are so many fruit gifts, you canโ€™t even begin to guess how many! So, you can give actual fruit, which could be kind of boring unless he loves fruit that much, or you can give one of these super cool and unique gifts instead.

Creative 4th Fruit Anniversary Gifts For Him

Custom Wooden Apple Basket Wall Clock

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He will have less of a chance of losing track of time, with his very own customized wooden apple basket wall clock hanging up on his wall.

Slices of Kiwi Cufflinks

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These slices of kiwi cufflinks are great for the kiwi-loving husband to wear with his suits

Organic Lemon Lotion

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Keep his skin hydrated with organic lemon lotion!

Lime Vinyl Slipmat DJ Turntable

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If he is a DJ, he will get a kick out of receiving this lime vinyl slipmat DJ turntable for your 4th wedding anniversary.

Tomato Socks

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Tomato socks are pretty cool, eh?

Fruit Gift Basket

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A gift basket full of fruit soaps: apple and blossoms, cherry almond, pear and redwood, and raspberry lemonade

Citrus Fruits Botanical Prints

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These citrus fruits botanical prints will look great up on the wall of his office or other space where he needs more decor.

Sun Ripened Raspberry Soy Wax Candle

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The bathroom, or other room he frequents, will always smell ten times better with a sun-ripened raspberry soy wax candle lit.

โ€œFour years down, forever to goโ€ Personalized Apple Socks

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Youโ€™ve been married for four years, but you have forever left to go. You can even personalize the apple socks with the date you got married

โ€œI love orangesโ€ Mug

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If he loves oranges, he will love his โ€œI love orangesโ€ mug to drink his coffee from each morning

Two Halves of an Avocado Necklaces

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You can put one half in each of your cars, hanging them on your rearview mirror as a reminder that you are two halves of a whole.

Handmade Blueberry Tie

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This handsome handmade blueberry tie is great for Sunday services or a special outing.>

Fruit Slices Potholders

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For the man who loves to cook, these fruit slices potholders will come in extra handy!

โ€œFruit Junkyโ€ Shirt with Pineapple

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He is a fruit junky, no doubt about it!

Mixed Fruit Slice Resin Keychain

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Yummy fruit! Wherever he uses his keys, he will be craving fruits!

Hand Painted Avocado Wooden Letter

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The hand painted avocado wooden letter is great for the first letter of your last name and can be hung up on the wall of your home together.

โ€œOne in a melonโ€ Baby Bodysuit

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This baby bodysuit is a great way to announce to him that youโ€™re pregnant on your anniversary!

Crochet Fruit Stress Ball

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Pick your fruit for this fun crochet fruit stress ball for those high-stress moments.

Pineapple Pillow

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He will love resting his head on the pineapple pillow with a custom color background.

Watermelon Slices Mug

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Watermelon is great for summer, and if your anniversary is in the summer, it makes this mug even more fun

So many scrumptious fruit anniversary gifts here, I donโ€™t even know how you will choose! You might need to get a few because they are just that much fun!

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