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20 Alarm Clocks We’re Dying to Own

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Everyone has to wake up to the sound of an alarm clock, why not wake up to one of these cool amazing alarm clocks to make your morning just a little bit easier.

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Alarm Clocks We’re Dying to Own

Portable Alarm Clock

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This is a very cool looking portable alarm clock with a lot of other features. Very simple in design.

Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

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use a more natural method of waking up with this alarm clock which will mimic the rising sun to help you get out of bed.

Triangle Modern Alarm Clock

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not your classic alarm clock, this modern and clean looking triangle clock will look amazing on any bedside table.

Personalized Alarm Clock

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This alarm clock can be engraved with anything. The beautiful wood detailing and clean lines make this a must have.

Lock’N’Load Alarm Clock

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This cool alarm clock creates a challenge every morning as target practice is the key to hitting the snooze button.

Fish Tank Alarm Clock

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this alarm clock comes complete with a fish tank, so cool.

Lego Man Clock

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This lego man clock will remind everyone of their childhood lego, with its moveable wrists, legs, arms and head.

Flying Alarm Clock

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if you have trouble getting up in the morning, you’ll want this alarm clock that takes off flying when it goes off. Once you’ve chased it down, you’ll be too awake to hit the sack.

SmartShaker Bed Alarm

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this works with your smart phone, and vibrates when the alarm goes off to help you out of bed.

Retro Alarm Clock

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this alarm clock is a must have with its retro design that would look great in any home.

Chick Alarm Clock

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This clock is adorable, especially in a kid’s room.

Car Clock

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Awesome scooter alarm clock that lights up and plays music.

Doctor Who Dalek Projecting Alarm Clock

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Combine the awesomeness of a projecting alarm clock with your love for Doctor Who. This might give you a start when you wake up and see a Dalek though!

Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock

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This alarm clock is a must have as its all your devices in one.

Hockey Goal Light Alarm Clock

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every hockey fan needs this clock which will light up and make sound when its time to get up.

Spa Aroma Time Alarm Clock

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Wake up to aroma therapy with your favorite fragrance with this alarm clock.

Sense with Voice Sleep System

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This alarm clock senses your sleep patterns and adjusts to what you need.

Owl Clock

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Who doesn’t love owls, they are all the rage these days, and this clock is just the ticket.

Classic Copper Alarm Clock

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this great alarm clock doesn’t tick so its great for beside the bed.

Running Alarm Clock

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This clock moves when you try to hit snooze. Will get any heavy sleeper out of bed.

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