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Best Winnipeg Jets Fan Gift Ideas

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Go Jet’s Go! Looking for a Winnipeg Jets fan gift idea that will be worthy of your favorite fan? These are one of a kind Winnipeg Jets gifts any true fan wouldn’t want to be caught without! Want to show everyone how much of a Jets fan you are? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re getting ready for the next Whiteout party, or looking for a lucky hockey charm, you’ve come to the right place!

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The Best Winnipeg Jets Fan Gift Ideas

Welcome to the True North! These Winnipeg Jets gifts are almost as cool as Winnipeg itself! Cheer for the best team in the West with these certifiably unique Jets hockey team themed gifts ideas! Strap on your gear and get ready to put in a shift. These Jets gifts are sometimes practical, always funny and downright unique!

Winnipeg Jets BBQ Set

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It’s not always too chilly to grill up some burgers in the Peg! This is a premier set of BBQ tools laser engraved with the Jets logo in the spatula!

Authentic Northwest Company Jets Blanket

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This is an officially licensed NHL Jets themed blanket throw! Not only is it great quality, but it will keep you warm during home games and whiteout parties!

Winnipeg Jets Cap

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This retro-style denim cap features the modern Jets logo for a hat no fan would want to be spotted without! Perfect for heading to the rink, this is a timeless Winnipeg Jets fan gift idea!

Jets Necktie

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Dad has enough ties from Father’s Day pasts? I’m sure he won’t mind this awesome Winnipeg Jets logo tie to wear to the office! Let’s face it, everyone needs a good luck charm when the Jets hit the ice am I right?

Bell MTS Place Blueprint Poster

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Want to really spruce up your favorite Jet’s fan’s living room? Check out these handmade original blueprint-style prints to turn some heads next time you have some friends over for the hockey game!

Franklin Sports Jets Backpack

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Need a way to rep the Jets on and off-campus? Check out this stylish and super practical sports bag! Make sure your favorite Winnipeg Jets fan is prepared and organized!

Winnipeg Jets Logo Building Blocks

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Great for the younger Jets fans out there! This is a 3D buildable block set that forms the iconic Winnipeg Jets logo! Not only that, it also makes for great kid’s room hockey decor afterward.

Winnipeg Jets Birdhouse

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Nothing says unique quite like handmade gift ideas like these! Grab one of these Winnipeg Jets cartoon style player birdhouses to show the neighbors which team you’re loyal to even in the offseason!

Winnipeg Jets 1993 Hockey Lapel

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This is another awesome piece of Winnipeg Jets memorabilia! Collectible gifts like these are great unique finds for sports fan gifts, keep your eyes open for pieces like these!

Winnipeg Jets Logo Patch

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Grab one of these Winnipeg Jets logo patches to make an awesome DIY Winnipeg Jets fan gift! If you don’t have any idea what to make, gift it to a crafty hockey fan with an eye for their favorite team!

Winnipeg Jets Scarf

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This is an officially licensed NFL scarf with the Jets logo as well as its alternative graphics. You’ll love sporting this eye-catching scarf to the next Jets home game. Let’s face it, Winnipeg gets cold!

NHL Jets Laced Beer Bottle Cooler

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This is a must-have for any Jets fan’s basement bar or garage! This is a beer cooler mocked up to look like a jersey complete with laces and all! You can’t go wrong with this whimsical yet practical Winnipeg Jets fan gift idea!

Winnipeg Jets NHL Golf Driver Headcover

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Believe it or not, Winnipeg and the surrounding areas have really great golf courses! You heard that right! Grab your favorite Manitoban one of these stylish and sporty golf driver head protectors.

Jets Golf Chip Markers

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This is a set of golf ball markers! They’re incredibly handy for marking your ball if your golf buddy is putting a bit close. There’s no reason to stop repping the Jets on the golf course, which is exactly what these babies are for!

Winnipeg Jets and Bombers Shirt

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Love Winnipeg sports teams? You wouldn’t be caught dead without this shirt at the gym! This shirt celebrates the Winnipeg Jets as well as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers CFL team!

Winnipeg Jets Cribbage Board

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This is a handmade original crib board to really spice up the game night! You, guests, will be over the moon playing on this cribbage board featuring the classic Winnipeg Jets logo.

Winnipeg Jets Vintage Hockey Puck

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This one is a real throwback! Grab one of these vintage authentic pucks for a truly collectible Winnipeg Jets fan gift idea!

Winnipeg Jets Cufflinks

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These cufflinks are a great way to rep the Jets in the office! Grab a set of these Winnipeg Jets cufflinks for a stylish and practical hockey fan gift that will last a lifetime!

Vintage Winnipeg Jets Bomber Jacket

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This is another original collectible Jets item! True fans will go crazy for this authentic Winnipeg Jets bomber style jacket with lots of vintage appeal! Turn heads at the next Jets Whiteout party!

Thanks for checking out these one of a kind Winnipeg Jets fan gift ideas! Hopefully, you’ll score some points with your favorite fan with these unique gifts. What’s the most unusual hockey-themed gift you’ve received? Until next time, Go Jets Go!

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