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My name is Ana Valentin and I'm a passionate writer, vegan, YouTuber and all around optimistic 20 something year old! I love creating and do it pretty much as often as I can whether it's writing a poem, creating a new video or blog post. If I'm not doing that then chances are I'm either bingeing on Netflix with my boyfriend Manny or YouTube on my own! Catch up with me on or on insta @avalentin574

Gift Alternatives to Fast Fashion | Fast Fashion Gift Ideas | What To Buy For Someone who likes Fast Fashion |Fast Fashion | Fashionable Gift Ideas | What to buy Her for Fast Fashion Trends | Shopping Fashion | #fastfashion #gifts #fashion

We all know that in order for Forever21 and H&M to keep their endless supply of clothes going that something has got to give. For those who want to gift responsibly here are some great alternatives to fast fashion! If you love fashion or know someone who does they will love these gifts listed below. …

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Mr & Mr Gift Ideas | Gay Anniversary gift ideas | Gifts for my partner | Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men | LGBTQ2A Gifts | LGBT Presents | Gay-Friendly gifts | Unique gifts for my boyfriend | Fun gifts for my husband | Cute Couples' Christmas Gifts

Marriages are all about announcing to the world your devotion to your one and only. Gifts are announcing how much you appreciate and admire the receiver. So here are some unique ways to gift your favorite Mr. & Mr. Mr. & Mr. Gift Ideas Matching Bow tie & Tie Buy Now This is the perfect …

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Ways to De-Stress during wedding planning | How to make wedding planning more manageable | Stress Free wedding plans | Gifts for friends who are getting married | Engagement Gift Ideas | What to get my fiancee to relax with while we wedding plan

Wedding planning has to be simultaneously the best and worst thing that one can embark on. On one hand, you’re planning an amazing ceremony and party to announce to your loved ones that you want to devote your life with your partner. And on the other hand, you’ve got to make sure everything is PERFECT. …

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I’ve been dating a musician for almost 2 years now and I happen to have been one myself, so gifting them is kind of a secret wealth of knowledge I’ve had and will now pass onto you with some great ideas to try out. Inspiring Gifts for Musicians Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII 25-Key USB …

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Gift Ideas for a Deployed Marine | Deployment Care Packages | Birthday gifts for armed forces personnel | Christmas presents for people stationed overseas | Military presents

Long distance is rough, no one can deny that. But I think having a service man or woman in your life that is deployed is harder still because you never know what awaits them in their line of work. So to ease the pain of being away here are some gift ideas for your deployed …

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